Gareth Bale Transfer to Real Madrid Delayed Until Tottenham Find Replacement

The repercussions of Chelsea swooping in for Willian out of the grasp of Tottenham Hotspur has had an immediate effect. Real Madrid were going to unveil Gareth Bale as their new signing today, but the Press Association is reporting that Tottenham have delayed the sale of Gareth Bale until the club can find an immediate replacement.

Willian’s club Anzhi Makhachkala have reportedly agreed a £32million deal with Chelsea to let the Brazilian midfielder join the Stamford Bridge club. All that remains is for the player to pass a medical this afternoon, and then to put pen to paper on a deal that will give him Champions League football — something that Tottenham couldn’t offer this season.

Willian’s move to Chelsea may open the door for Tottenham Hotspur to finalize a deal with AS Roma to sign Erik Lamela. The highly-rated midfielder can play on either wing or through the middle.

What’s your opinion? Is Lamela in the same class as Bale, or should Tottenham Hotspur hold out to try to sign a bigger name and better play in this transfer window?

13 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Transfer to Real Madrid Delayed Until Tottenham Find Replacement”

  1. I would be happy with Lamela as a replacement. I don’t watch much Serie A, but from what I’ve seen, he’s shown real quality at a very young age against some high level competition.
    If Bale does go (and it’s looking all but certain at this point), I think the club have played it remarkably well. They’ve brought in real quality and depth this window, creating competition for starting spots and really boosting the options for AVB on the bench. Futhermore, most Spurs supporters I’ve spoken to have now resigned themselves to the fact Bale is going, but we’ve had over a month to get over that fact and to get excited about how Baldini and Levy are spending the (quite ludicrous) fee that RM are allegedly paying.

  2. I thought Spurs were after both Willian and Lamela. It looks like Ozil might be available so don’t count out a low bid for him given Real are eager to sign Bale. Not sure Ozil will want to join a club that is not in the Champions League though.

    All we need now is for someone else to hijack the Willian signing. That would be priceless.

  3. Levy could be the one doing sweating if Bale deal falls through. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is RM playing hardball to bring price down given that Spurs have already spent Bale money.

    1. LOL I wouldn’t worry about Spurs finances, they haven’t spent Bale money at all. Bale > Willian + Lamela, do you honestly think Levy or THFC would be sweating over keeping his best player? Levy has all the leverage here.

      1. Real Madrid actually has the leverage here because they are the ones who are offering a ridiculous sum of money and Bale does not want to play for Spurs anymore plus Madrid dont even need him. If Levy plays hard ball then Madrid will just walk away and no other team is willing to pay the same as Madrid and Bales price will only go down as time passes because his contract gets closer to expiring and he might just show his last season was a fluke.

        1. If Real Madrid had any leverage, they wouldn’t be paying a world record fee. THFC doesn’t want to sell. If Real Madrid back out, that is the outcome that was originally intended by THFC. Both sides are obviously in the mindset that last season was no fluke, so that’s a non-starter. With Bale staying, it makes the squad very formidable and a virtual lock for CL. If the boy still wants to go after that happens, then fine, he’ll still command a fee in the region of Neymar/Falcao/Cavani, but Spurs won’t be too upset about it because of the revenue that CL and having had Bale for the year would have brought. Levy is firmly in control (but that being said, he seems to have botched the Willian deal). Yes, it is assumed that Bale no longer wants to play in London, but judging by the boy’s character as reported by news outlets, he would likely just play out the season, much like Modric did. Levy can’t lose.

      2. Bale=Willian/Lamela in a sense that Spurs need a leader with winning mentality and Bale/Willain/Lamela haven’t won anything of note. Spurs are desperate to find a way to stop their usual season end meltdown.

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