Manchester United Keen to Sign Chelsea’s Juan Mata, Says Report: Nightly Soccer Report

Manchester United have made an informal inquiry to Chelsea about the possibility of bringing Juan Mata to Old Trafford, two sources have confirmed to ESPN today.

The Red Devils have been linked with several midfielders this summer including Cesc Fabregas, Luka Modric, Marouane Fellaini and Claudio Marchisio, but all of those attempts to sign the footballers were unsuccessful. But a move for Juan Mata could be possible since Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is not keen on the midfielder, according to reports this summer.

Whether Mata could be used as part of a deal to bring Wayne Rooney to Chelsea is yet to be determined, but the move is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Do you think Juan Mata would be a good fit or not at Manchester United? Should Chelsea let him go, and will Willian be a better fit under Mourinho than Mata? Have your say in the comments section below.

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26 thoughts on “Manchester United Keen to Sign Chelsea’s Juan Mata, Says Report: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Why should we sell our top player or one of our best players to a direct rival ? just like United not wanting to sell Rooney to us so if Mata ( which would be nutty ) is sold to United it would have Rooney coming to Chelsea.

  2. This bid sounds like a good way to get Chelsea to step back and ease pressure off the barrage of Rooney love.

    1. Exactly…..As a United fan, I’d love to have Mata….but this does feel more like, “If you don’t quit talking about our player and unsettling him, WE will start talking about one of your best players and imply that we would double his wages if only he would move to United.”

      I’m not sure why it took United this long to punch back.

  3. Oscar>>>Mata

    Swap Mata for Roo since Mata is not good on the right.


  4. Mata our best player is not for sell forget William, mata deserved blue fan favour he must stay no matter what rumours.

  5. Interesting. I heard today that Saints were looking in off-loading Gaston Ramirez for a top quality midfielder which would shake the football world a bit more.

    No way did I have Mata on the list but who knows. Saints ain’t mucking around. Top 4 is the goal.

  6. Tough day for the Spurs transfer target gets hijacked and RM selling Bale shirts.

    Chelski getting rid of Mata would be silly but we are talking Chelski and Jose.

  7. I’d love to see Rooney in blue, but not as much as I would fear to see Mata in red. Especially considering Mata’s upside.

  8. MUFC fans would love to dump Shrek and pick up Mata.i promise Mata would never come in to camp 10 to 20 pounds overweight like Shrek.Grannies in Manchester could walk the streets again and Grannies in London may stay in more.

  9. Mata to united will never happen and the reason for this is Chelsea and Jose dont want Rooney, Jose is just playing mind games with Moyes if we wanted Rooney so badly Chelsea would have paid United £40million ages ago. Mata is a fan favourite at Chelsea he has been voted our best player for the last two seaons. Roman will not sell him, and Jose has already said he is very much in his plans for the future.

    1. If the Chelsea hi-jack of Willian happens, Mata would be surplus. However, I’m sure Chelsea (and Man City) have the same ‘don’t sell to your rivals’ policy as Utd do. Arsenal? well that’s a different matter…

  10. Am suprise at u all, u see ur self u chelsea fans, so u want to take one of d best player from manu, and u dont want manu to take urs see ur life chelsea so u are wise i can see Hahahahahaha United4life. Mata United i come.

  11. Using mata to land rooney makes sense for both clubs especially mourinho’s squard which is so much in need of a sharp striker

  12. I don’t think The Special One rates Mata that highly. It’ll never happen, but a Mata – Rooney swap makes sense for both clubs.

  13. I’ll not like to see Juan Mata leave Chelsea but Willian to Totenham will be a suicide for Chelsea. So if we can get Rooney and Willian and offer Mata to ManU, that’s not a bad business.

  14. I said before, United should call Mourinho’s bluff. Getting Mata would extract a high price for wanting Rooney. Despite his effort at Swansea, I’m getting sick of seeing Rooney’s moody attitude. Not celebrating with his teammates. what a tool! Either get rid of him or let him rot on the subs bench.

  15. The reason Mourinho doesn’t rate Mata highly is that he doesn’t track back well. Mata is excellent on the ball but not so good at defensive duties.

    Mourinho likes players who can defend all over the pitch. He was never happy with Ozil at real Madrid for the same reason. By the way, Madrid are open to offers for Ozil.

    United might sign Mata as part of the Rooney deal but will then need to buy someone to replace Rooney. Or, they may just go after Ozil and keep Rooney.

  16. Not saying any of these will happen, but who’d you rather have at Man Utd: Mata, Modric, Ozil? Why?
    I think Mata & Modric are proven EPL players. Ozil, not sure about in the EPL. What’s up with Kagawa? Spent a lot of money on him and even when he’s not injured, he doesn’t seem to play. They loved him in Germany.

  17. See the deal is very suspicious, as far as chelsea as already get through to sign willians, as 4me chelsea can made a swap deal wit united by bringing in rooney to blue shirt and mata to red shirt, for me is not a bad deal! Up bluezzz…………….***

  18. Well well well, i think it is an idea seing rooney in blue shirt bt pls nt at the xpense of Mata’s stay at stamford…

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