Liverpool Prepared to Resist Late Real Madrid Bid For Luis Suarez

Real Madrid are prepared to make a late bid to try to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, but the Merseyside club are bracing for an offer and are prepared to stand firm once again to try to keep the Uruguayan at Anfield.

The Guardian newspaper reports that Liverpool owner John W Henry is still insistent that Suarez is not for sale.

In the meantime, the dominos are set to fall. If and when Real Madrid’s £85m deal for Gareth Bale goes through tomorrow, that’ll clear the way for Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria to move to Arsenal (if the Gunners can finalize a deal).

John W Henry’s firm stance that Suarez is not for sale has to be admired. But his resolve may be tested in the next 11 days as we edge closer to the end of the summer transfer window on September 2, 2013.

4 thoughts on “Liverpool Prepared to Resist Late Real Madrid Bid For Luis Suarez”

  1. Liverpool will simply refuse to sell, if Real madrid had wanted Suarez they should have come in earlier, it is way too late in the transfer window now, Liverpool will end up short of a striker again like last year if the sell Suarez.

    1. Not sure about that. One thing is a rival PL club and an offer Liverpool thought too low. Another thing is + £45-50 million and of to another country.

      Cause Liverpool could do alot with such cash, and Suarez has made continuing difficult.

  2. There’s nothing of any substance in this piece or anything we couldn’t have already guessed anyway. I was eagerly awaiting an announcement at 10.30pm last night and then all it was was the above piece from the Guardian – god knows by they had an embargo on it. As far as I’m concerned nothing has changed and it’s a complete non-story.

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