Chelsea Are In Advanced Talks to Sign Willian From The Grasp of Tottenham

Chelsea are in talks to sign Brazilian midfielder Willian and are close to agreeing a deal right under the noses of Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham were expected to announce the signing of Anzhi footballer Willian today after agreeing personal terms and the player passing a medical, but Willian was believed to be considering his options before deciding whether to sign with Tottenham.

That option is now Chelsea Football Club.

If Jose Mourinho’s side can step in and finalize a deal for Willian, that will come as a huge blow to Tottenham Hotspur who were able to outbid Liverpool to attract the interest of the Brazilian.

Where do you think Willian will end up? Chelsea, Tottenham or another Premier League club? Let us know in the comments section below.

33 thoughts on “Chelsea Are In Advanced Talks to Sign Willian From The Grasp of Tottenham”

  1. If a fee has been agreed to with the club, the player has agreed to personal terms and the medical has been passed, wouldn’t Chelsea be too late?
    I’m not saying it’s a done deal, but I’d be very surprised if he’s not at Spurs come the close of the transfer window.

    1. Until the player signs the contract, nothing is a done deal. So even though Willian had agreed personal terms (as far as the offer) and passed a medical, he would still need to sign the paperwork.

  2. Well @Wych, unless he SIGNED a contract, nothing is too late. As a Liverpool supporter, I didn’t want him at $30M. but I would find it funny if Spurs got hijacked at the last minute.

    1. I won’t claim to know exactly how football transfers work, but agreeing to a transfer fee with the club is a contract that is conditional on the player agreeing to personal terms and passing a medical.
      Agreeing to personal terms is another contract between the player and club.
      It doesn’t matter if ‘agreeing to personal terms’ is an oral contract or written. It’s binding nonetheless.

        1. Yes, as long as there is an offer and an acceptance with consideration (in this instance, Willian’s services in return for a wage, benefits, etc.).

          1. It’s the same in Canada (and I would suspect the UK, since it is also a common law legal system).
            Regardless, we have no information from the clubs themselves, so we don’t know what has or hasn’t been agreed to.

        2. Sometimes, but in the US for instance, any contract for a period of more than one year must be in writing. I suspect the UK has a similar Statute of Frauds (because that’s probably where we got the idea).

  3. Mata, Hazard, Oscar, de Bruyne, van Ginkel, Lampard, Schurrle, Moses. Piazon and Marin on loan already.

    I just don’t see it.

  4. if he wants to sign for Chelski let him all you have to do is look at the graveyard of players sighned for the fools gold on the Kings Road over the last 10 years and he will go the same way as so many other top players

  5. If he wants Champions League football, then he’ll go to Chelsea. I expected something like this with his double dealing ‘agent’, (remember Tevez and Macherano at West Ham? Same bloke.)
    Nothing we can do about it now.

    1. Tough for me to like any player who links up with Joorabchian…just going through that guy’s wikipedia is mind bottling.

  6. Conspiracy Theory time:

    Mourinho trying to stick it to Real. No Willian to Spurs = no Bale to Madrid. I’ll take my tin foil hat off now.

    Seriously, though, I agree with Phil Badger. When does Willian expect to play with that midfield?

  7. Ahhh. The joy of the last week+ of “The Window”. It really is hilarious.

    Did I miss the “Arsenal to bid £150 million for Ibra” headline?

  8. Chelsea want to sign Willian because Jose doesn’t rate Mata highly and will offer Mata to United as part of the Rooney deal. Otherwise, Mata will be off to La Liga. It also makes sure that Spurs are weakened a bit by this as Willian was part of AVB’s plans.

    There’s going to be more twists and turns in this transfer window until Sept. 2.

  9. Willian is as good as ronaldhinho when he was the player in the game..saw william clips n his far better than eden hazard…willian his skillfully,very difficult getting the ball out of his legs..and he is an absolute finisher…chelsea cant afford to lose this guy..his on his own class…mourinho hurry n sign this dude..cant wait to see him to combine with oscar..hazard..mata…it will be a dream coming to team willian to chelsea..hurry n sign…for the blues..

  10. william is a long awaited chelseafc admire player he have passion for d club he want to play for d club along with many brazilian playres like ramires luiz oscar so is just like home for him in term of credentials and quality u can compare chelsea with spurs any player will surely go for d best so willian u welcome home is just like a dream come true.

    1. Jose isn’t quite impressed with the squad he has. He also believes that AVB is assembling a squad that can become one of Chelsea’s main rivals, not just now but in the future as well. This move strengthens Chelsea and weakens Spurs.

      After signing Willian the next piece of business will be to bring in a striker since once again Spurs have Soldado who is better than anyone Chelsea has. That’s why Rooney is a target. Expect Ba and/or Torres to move either on loan or be sold.

      The next 10 days will really heat up in the transfer market.

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