Liverpool 1-0 Stoke City: Daniel Sturridge Illustration [PHOTO]

Graphic design and illustrator Dave Williams has decided to capture Liverpool’s 2013/14 season in a set of weekly postcards that are penned by his own hand.

Williams said:

“For the next 9 or so months, I’m aiming to design one postcard per league game that encapsulates an iconic moment from that match. I’m kicking off the series with number 1 of 38 which is based on Daniel Sturridge’s celebration after he scored the only goal in a 1 – 0 victory against Stoke City.”

The Sturridge illustration is beautifully designed, and I love how Williams added the words of the commentator into the background.

Each postcard design is available for purchase. Visit Dave’s website for a larger image of the postcard, as well as more details on how to order one.

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