Fenerbahce Fans Set Off Flares And Firecrackers Outside Arsenal’s Hotel [VIDEO]

The Arsenal team may not have gotten a lot of sleep last night after Fenerbahce supporters set off flares and firecrackers outside their hotel in Istanbul on the eve of the first leg of their UEFA Champions League play-off match.

Arsenal faces Fenerbahce today in a match where there’s already a lot of pressure on Arsene Wenger to get a result. Whether or not his team will have been impacted by the flares and firecrackers, we’ll have to wait and see until the game later today. But it’s poor form by the Fenerbahce supporters who are looking for any advantage to help out their club.

For viewers in the United States, today’s match between Fenerbahce and Arsenal will be shown live on FOX Sports 1 and FOXSoccer2Go at 2:45pm ET.

6 thoughts on “Fenerbahce Fans Set Off Flares And Firecrackers Outside Arsenal’s Hotel [VIDEO]”

  1. Atmospheres at Turkish matches are always intense.

    I’m going to have Villa-Chelsea on the TV and Fenerbahce_Arsenal on the laptop this afternoon.

  2. Turkish fans are repulsive.
    The history of violence at matches, the abuse and obscenities, is so disgusting they should be banned from world football.

    1. Having experienced Besiktas fans home and away I have to say they’re fantastic. Amazing atmosphere, better than anything on offer in England.

      People in Istanbul were awesome, plenty of stories of people stopping what their everyday business and helping Stoke fans get around the city. A mate of mine got to Istanbul on his own, looked a little lost and a Turkish woman stopped her journey to take him to his hotel. You’d struggle to get hospitality like this anywhere else.

      Along with the Ukranians (who also embarrassingly get a bad press) they are the friendliest fans I’ve come across on my travels with Stoke.

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