Crystal Palace Home and Away Shirts for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]

Most of the viewers tuning in to the Crystal Palace against Tottenham Hotspur match on Sunday will have seen Palace’s new home shirt for the first time. The one thing that was striking to me was that there were no shirt manufacturer logos visible on the shirt — at least not within TV viewing distance.

I looked into it further, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. Plus, I was able to find images of Crystal Palace’s new away shirt for this season.

Here’s what I found:


As pictured below, the red and blue home shirt from Crystal Palace is a beautifully designed piece that features a yellow v-neck collar and red and blue halves below.

Both the Crystal Palace home and away kits are designed by an English company named Avec. Their logo is only shown on the bottom side of the shirt (you can barely see it above). By not having their logo so prominently displayed, it helps the Crystal Palace club crest stand out so much more on the chest of the shirt.

With Crystal Palace’s away shirt, I like it even better than the home one:

Once again, there’s no visible kit manufacturer logo (other than the tag on the back of the neck), so it gives the designers more freedom to create something even more special. In this case, the Crystal Palace away shirt is a beautiful black shirt with red and blue diagonal stripe across the front of the shirt. The placement of the Crystal Palace club crest and shirt sponsor logo is much higher up on the shirt than you would normally have. As a result, it’s another refreshing design.

Crystal Palace’s away shirt has been such a hit that all of their supplies sold out in just three days.

Thumbs up to Crystal Palace and Avec on one of the most beautiful home/away combos in the Premier League this season.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Palace Home and Away Shirts for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]”

  1. The away kit was basically designed by a fan on a fans forum a year or so ago. Ideas for a new kit were being talked about and someone suggested black with the sash we’d worn on white kits before. Another guy made a mock-up on photoshop which was quickly dubbed ‘the evil sash’ and became very popular.

    At the end of year awards evening in May the new kits were unveiled and the owners basically admitted that they had no choice but to go with the black away shirt as it had been so popular online.

    A great example of the owners working with the fans and are now reaping the benefits financially I expect!

  2. Credit to Avec, I didn’t even know they were still in business.

    To Matt’s points, the Crystal Palace kits and crest update, have been internet fodder for months.

  3. Hi……I need to buy an away shirt(13 -14 season)for my wife for Christmas XXXL – no she’s not that big, just wants it for a night gown. She has been an avid fan all her life. Could you put me in the right direction to buy one please? Cheers Pete

    1. Your best bet is to order it from the club shop on their website. That’s probably the only place you can find it.

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