Arsenal Set to Make Bid for Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria, Says Report: Nightly Soccer Report

Believe it not or believe it maybe, but Metro newspaper is reporting tonight that Arsenal are set to make a £40million bid for Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema.

The newspaper doesn’t attempt to include any source or attribution to the transfer rumor, and the likelihood of Benzema signing with Arsenal seems a long shot when the Gunners have much worse problems to resolve — namely finding a defensive midfielder and adding depth to their defense.

But perhaps there is a grain of truth to this story? Thanks to a tip from World Soccer Talk reader named David, BBC Sport is reporting tonight that Arsenal are trying to sign both Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal Set to Make Bid for Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria, Says Report: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. BBC reported it before Metro.

    Bale incoming, Wenger saying window starts for him now, and Suarez dead…all adds up. Fans won’t riot if Bales is coming in and RM could be in for Suarez and Falcao.

    I think it’s on.

  2. Could this be masterclass by Wenger? Holding out until Bale sale to pounce on the extra RM players and when RM might be looking to recoup some of that £85 million transfer fee.

    Is it possible? Sure.
    Is it gonna happen? As an Arsenal fan I can only hope so.

  3. LOL coz a striker and winger were the problem last season and v villa right….

    nothing to do with no CDM or decent CB’s…Didn’t Farsenal get upset with RM when they switched it up on them for Higuain?

    Benzema, DiMaria, liabilities defensively…buy’em both LOL

    Benzema is NOT as good as Suarez..LOL

    1. I’m not too certain any of these rumors are true but i doubt Liverpool would’ve sold Suarez no matter how high Arsenal bids would’ve gone.

      At least you know RM would consider selling to Arsenal.

      I also don’t think signing both would mean not signing a CDM or CB cover. They aren’t mutually exclusive deals especially if the AST is right smooth the £100 million.

      Just trying to remain a posits Arsenal supporter.

      Now, only Wenger knows the truth but in 2 weeks we will too.

  4. Going to Europe would be an interesting move for Landon Donovan. Most teams wouldn’t want to sign a 30+ y/o attacker but I’m sure some club could use him. I’m curious to see how this plays out or if it’s a bargaining ploy to get one more payday out of Galaxy.

  5. Forget Benzema,if we can get any likes of Di Maria,Lars Benders,Marouan Fellaini,Burak Yilmars,Jackson Martinez,Luize Suarez,Radamel Falcao,Lewandowski,Edin Dzeko,Macherano,Cesc Fabregas ,Yohan Cabaye and Elly Sokho,We will be champions before we are crowned.

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