Watch the Brand-New FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer: The New Season Awaits [VIDEO]

Watch the brand-new FIFA 14 gameplay trailer, which was just released today at Gamescon — the massive video game show in Germany.

The FIFA 14 trailer features plenty of reasons to get you excited for the launch of the new game, which will be available in the United States on September 24 and in Europe on September 26.

Is it me or does the voiceover sound a little like Patrick Stewart?

Reserve your copy of FIFA 14 today to avoid the lines at the store.

7 thoughts on “Watch the Brand-New FIFA 14 Gameplay Trailer: The New Season Awaits [VIDEO]”

  1. Same game with a different number. When a so called football game is still using generic stadiums for more than 3/4 of the teams in English top flight league for more than 8 years, then something is wrong. No White Hart Lane? Are you kidding me?

    1. True, and every year they bring out pointless minor tweaks while neglecting the flaws that persist from year to year (like the ridiculous transfers in career mode, or the youth development, or the fact that career mode randomly crashes occasionally).

      1. Ah, yes. The random crashes in career mode. Never been able to get past a few years without the save file getting corrupted. Don’t forget the laggy online gameplay and how pro clubs has been unimproved since 2009.

    2. Actually, white hart lane is in the game, and the career mode has been fixed, pro clubs is still terrible though i’ll give you that, but its a completely new game. Generic “same game different number” argument. Grow up

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