Liverpool Confirm Signing of Left Back Aly Cissokho On A Season-Long Loan From Valencia

Liverpool have confirmed that full back Aly Cissokho has joined the club on a season-long loan deal from Valencia.

Brendan Rodgers has finally got his man. The 25-year-old, who is described as a “sprightly left-back with good speed and stamina,” passed a medical earlier today before signing a deal that will see him join the club alongside new signings Iago Aspas, Luis Alberto, Simon Mignolet and Kolo Toure.

Cissokho told

“I’m very happy to be here. I think we have a great team and great fans and together we can achieve big things.

“It’s going to be a great experience to be able to rub shoulders with the club’s top-quality players. I have experience in the game, but coming here there will still be lots of things to learn and discover as I work with everyone every day.

“I can learn from my new manager, get to know the new style of play here, familiarize myself with different opposition teams and learn the language. It’s going to be a great experience for me, and of course playing for the club for the first time is something I’m excited about.”

Cissokho has played in the UEFA Champions League for Porto, Lyon and Valencia.

12 thoughts on “Liverpool Confirm Signing of Left Back Aly Cissokho On A Season-Long Loan From Valencia”

  1. Cissokho had lots of promise when he joined Valencia but he has struggled to find his form. Liverpool are betting that he will impress enough to sign him on a permanent basis. Time will tell.

    Liverpool can no longer compete with the likes of Spurs who have more money to spend on transfers and who can offer more wages. Sign of the times. Liverpool are trying to do it on the cheap which is impossible these days. You have to spend to get better which is why they lost out on Willian. Spurs got him for 2 million more than Liverpool offered. Not much but the reality is that Liverpool’s owners have set a certain limit they don’t want to exceed.

    1. They overspent on a handful of players and got burned. I can’t blame the owners for being more cautious. If a few of these Spurs signings turn into duds, Levy may change his tactics as well.

      Time will tell, indeed.

    2. I’m sorry but that is absolute garbage. Is Willian a decent player? Yes. Is Willian a £30m player? No. If you’d like to know the facts, Anzhi were quite happy to take Liverpool’s bid but because he was transfer listed, he was able to speak directly to potential suitors and agree terms. The fact Spurs had already tried to sign him previously and the fact he already has a relationship with AVB was enough to sway him toward London. This has got nothing to do with stumping up £2m more on an already inflated fee simply because Anzhi wanted to recoup their own costs for him… look where they are now – not a great sign for overpaying for players seeing as they’re selling them all!

      As for Liverpool no longer being able to compete with the likes of Spurs who have got more money to spend on transfers… That’s nonsense. I’d take a massive step back and re-evaluate the Spurs spending spree. The reason they’ve got funds available doesn’t really take a degree to work out – they’ve been very clever in doing business behind closed doors re Bale to make sure they don’t get completely shafted in the market with teams knowing they’ve got in excess of £80m to spend.

      I don’t mind a good bit of discussion but please have the first clue what you’re on about before you speak.

      1. Spurs do have more money to spend than Liverpool because they have sold/are selling players at a huge profit. That’s why they can outbid Liverpool.

        1. Did you not read what I wrote before commenting? They’re spending the Bale money on top of the £23m already generated from sales. This is the only opportunity for them to indulge like this. Pressure now will be on AVB to make them a success.

          They’re set to eclipse the spending of Man City. A top 4 finish as well as a cup would be required for that outlay, I should imagine!

          1. Liverpool CAN do the same if they wanted. FSG not allowing that to happen is another matter entirely. They have valuations for players and won’t budge on those valuations.

  2. I’m confused. Is this for a cover/or rotation for Enrique?
    IMO, Enrique has not only helped solidify Liverpool’s backline, but added a great deal maurading forward!

    1. Liverpool don’t have any other natural left-footed left back besides Enrique. Last season Johnson had to play there when Enrique was injured. Also provides competition for that position.

  3. Cissokho was very highly rated a few seasons back but his stock has fallen rapidly since. If he can realize his potential then Liverpool will benefit. If not, Liverpool won’t lose much as he is only on loan for the year.

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