Simon Mignolet’s Penalty Save For Liverpool vs Stoke: NBC’s ‘I Was There’ Series [VIDEO]

As part of NBC’s I Was There video series, the sports network today aired a brand-new video featuring Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet’s penalty save against Stoke City.

The video combines footage from a few different sources to capture the mood on the pitch, in the pub and in the stands.

Thanks to Mignolet’s save on his league debut for Liverpool, the Belgium goalkeeper helped Liverpool hang on for a one-nil victory at Anfield on the opening day of the season.

Watch this wonderful video below:

Watch all of the videos in the I Was There series.

6 thoughts on “Simon Mignolet’s Penalty Save For Liverpool vs Stoke: NBC’s ‘I Was There’ Series [VIDEO]”

  1. I saw this earlier today.

    Again…I’ve been blown away by the quality and professionalism of NBC’s opening weekend coverage of the Premier League.

  2. Wow….that’s great. I’m really impressed at how NBC is producing this kind of material.

    Honestly, these are the types of things us Americans can share on Facebook with our non-soccer friends that helps them understand what a cool sport it is. Right there in that little moment, so much happens.

    My only critique of the video blurb is that it doesn’t quite lay out the importance of the outcome. Of course, both teams want to win, but Liverpool has aspirations of a Top 4 finish this year and drawing at home against Stoke in Week 1 is not a good way to go about that. Basically, Top 4 clubs beat Stoke at home. Similarly, Stoke was relegation threatened last year, getting a point away to a Top 6-7 club is a big deal. Not sure how the video could communicate that news, but that’s why they’re the marketing gurus.

  3. On the featured game do we get to see Arlo White and Lee Dixon screen live. I have not been able to determine that yet.

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