Chelsea vs Hull City and Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread

The second day of the 2013/14 Premier League season kicks off today with a double-header. For viewers in the United States, NBC’s Premier League Live program begins at 8am ET, which leads into the first match of the day (8:30am ET on NBC Sports Network) between Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur in a London derby.

Palace will want to prove their doubters wrong. Most pundits have picked the team to go down this season. But with manager Ian Holloway in charge, the team will certainly have a fighting spirit despite being up against the powerhouse of Tottenham Hotspur who have replenished their team with so many key new signings this summer.

The second Premier League match of the day sees Jose Mourinho makes his official return to Stamford Bridge where Chelsea takes on Hull City at 11am ET (on NBC Sports Network).

Following the two matches, NBC Sports Network will show Premier League Goal Zone a 1pm ET, a new program that features the best goals from the weekend so far.

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

36 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Hull City and Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur: Open Thread”

  1. Gaffer, can someone please let NBC know we would LOVE to have our epl review on sunday night?! Not everybody wants to watch motd, I personally do not care for it…. I record my epl review and watch it at my earliest convenience.

  2. Very important for Spurs to do well as these are the players AVB will be putting out with Bale leaving.

    Holloway is back! Can’t wait for his post-match quips.

    1. I’m a huge fan of Holloway, his opinions on football, his managing, and his character.

      Scared to death that he’s going right back down again. This Palace team is really weak. It’s going to take a huge effort by everyone there to stay up.

      Fingers definitely crossed for them and their supporters.

    1. I was just going to leave a comment on that….the little kid definitely said it and got a smile out of the players.

      Great job NBC showing that.

    2. Missed the pre-match show, but did record it. Went back and took a look. Great stuff.

      On another note, I loved the Palace fans doing their “Glad All Over” without the use of the stadium speakers (tannoy) 😉 They really lit up the place. Makes you wonder, as ICK asked yesterday, why Anfield spoils YNWA. I’m sure ‘Pool fans could manage without the drownout and it would be much more dramatic.

  3. Love the eagle. Great to see Palace back. Suppose everyone but Spurs fans will want them to win today. Interesting to see what NBC’s ratings will be on a Sunday when everyone is starting slower.

    It will be interesting to see if the late night show is any different.

    Enjoy the day everyone the summer is at its end.

    1. Yes. What will we ever do without ProActiv?

      As for Martino, I think it’s all down to Rebecca Lowe. She is in charge. She is very astute and obviously not interested in yucking it up or going off point. Kyle appears smart enough to have taken the cue.

      1. Guy
        not sold on martini you think rob pebble is in his pajamas in the basement wondering how it slipped thru his fingers.

  4. Palace looks outclassed here, but I’m not wholly convinced that the club won’t be competitive. It is the first game of the season, and once that front line gels and starts connecting on some opportunities, they could be in contention for a 16 or 17 spot. The Eagles certainly are putting a bit more of a fight than Cardiff did yesterday.

    1. I agree. Palace looks very organized and difficult to break down. Their shape is good. They just need to keep more possession and improve their crosses into the box.

  5. looking to be a tough opening for the promotion way Hull gets a result at the bridge for the homecoming of the Special One.

  6. An expected result. Chamakh will need to produce goals if Palace are going stay up. That little bit of quality up top might be the difference.
    Already I’m missing Macca and Darke’s post game chat in the commentary box. That was definitely the best part of ESPN.
    Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to scroll which players got yellow cards in games. Unless players were sent off, who cares if they got a warning?

      1. Sorry. I’m not down with the Fantasy football stuff. I can’t wrap my head around the fact how people can support other players on teams other than their own. Maybe I’m showing my age here.

  7. All seems right with Jose back in Chelsea. It’s a natural. The fashionable west end and Jose. I should also say that Moyes at ManU did not seem at all odd.

  8. Score one for goal-line technology!

    Meanwhile, MLS isn’t using it because they say it’s too expensive. Cheapskates!

      1. True, but that’s no excuse. The goal line technology costs about $260,000 per stadium to install, and $3,900 per game to operate.

        Surely MLS has enough money to add this?

          1. Player development and player salaries are important, but MLS has enough money to add goal line technology too.

          2. Unless I’m mistaken other major leagues do not have this technology right now. So why pick on MLS. MLS is smart not to invest in this right now. There are better ways to spend that coin.

            1. There are three different options out there for MLS to consider in regards to goal-line technology. The Premier League did their due diligence and selected Hawk-Eye.

              I’m not picking on MLS. I’m just stating a fact that they said it was too expensive for them.

  9. Ian Holloway is already complaining about the refs. Sure as hell didn’t take him long to start whining. He and Wenger are going to be the worst ones this year!

    1. Different manager, different ideas, but I agree. It seemed a bit odd to say the least. Also didn’t get the absence of Luiz. Things may be afoot.

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