NBC’s Debut of ‘Match Of The Day’ EPL Highlights Show: Open Thread

The debut episode of NBC’s Match Of The Day premieres tonight on NBC Sports Network at 11pm ET.

NBC’s version of the show with the same name as the iconic 50-year British highlights show is completely separate from the BBC version. NBC’s version of Match Of The Day (or MOTD as the Brits call it) will be hosted by Rebecca Lowe and features analysts Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle.

NBC’s version of Match of The Day is scheduled for two hours in length compared to the British version that’s approximately 50 minutes.

Share your thoughts and observations about NBC’s new show in the comments section below.

If you miss it tonight, the show will be re-aired on Sunday morning at 7am ET.

82 thoughts on “NBC’s Debut of ‘Match Of The Day’ EPL Highlights Show: Open Thread”

  1. So far I’mh really impressed with NBCSports, although after seeing what they did with F1 I knew their coverage would be quality. I really enjoy having the score at the top of the screen throughout the highlights, that is a marked improvement from Match of the Day. Will be interesting to see what type of analysis they will offer between games.

    1. I’m sure as the season progresses we will see some better breakdown of the matches. Right now Im guessing its all about keeping it simple and screwing the basics up.

  2. For the most part it is pretty good. Highlights could be a little smoother with commentary.

    Some things that did bug me is the spoilers they do and the scores from other matches at the top right hand bar.

    Also, not enough tactics and I believe they did not air Laudrap’s post match interview.

  3. No need for the pre highlights highlight as you go to a break, just Rebecca saying what’s next would be fine. Then come back to the package

  4. Top notch stuff but agree that more analysis would be welcome….also think 2 hours is a bit long with ad breaks….BBC dont have to worry about any ads so their 50 minutes is not too far off.
    Anyone notice that the teaser for Sunday’s games said Palace v Tottenham ….impressed that they left off Crystal and wonder why they didnt go with Spurs?:) Anyway, great start to things and agree that the west coast is getting some due respect because 11-1am eastern might be a tad too late for us old folk out here 😉

    1. 80 minutes plus commercials is what it breaks down to, and the BBC original is always 70-80 minutes. I used to download the BBC MOTD every week for the last few years, and I honestly don’t know where he got the 50 minute number, but it’s incorrect.

    1. Must be shoddy software selection, would be bizarre but they should be able to pan from then in front of the screen and cut to the analysis feed with voice over and visual indicators, no need to show them standing next to the screen lol

  5. rob pebble/stone could not carry Rebecca’s panties even if she put them in a bag for him.she is a professional and he is a clown.

  6. I just caught the first 15-20 minutes and liked what I saw. 5-10 minutes of the important game highlights and show a quick post game interview with RVP and Moyes. It was almost like the real thing from what I can remember of it.

    In all my years in America Ive never bothered watching any of the FSC football news shows because I found them boring and just plain annoying. I’ve now officially set my DVR to record MOTD every week for the next sux months.

  7. Makes a big difference when they show the official EPL highlights without the obnoxious NBC logo, score, advertising and score ticker.

    1. It’s on NBC! Why are you offended by the logo of the company that is bringing you more access to the Prem than any other broadcaster before!? And, I’m sorry, but the advertising is what pays for the coverage you’re watching. If you don’t like it, please sit in a dark room and punch yourself in the head for a while. When you’re ready to rejoin the modern world, we’ll be glad to have you back.

      1. +1 I agree that NBC has the rights to have their logo and put adverts but it could be a lot slicker than their current design.

      2. My monthly DirecTV bill, of which a substantial percentage goes to pay for sports carriage fees, would like to disagree with you that advertising is the only thing that pays for watching the Prem…or any other sporting event.

  8. Off topic but when will they debut Premier League review, I checked my tv listing and found out it will be airing at 2am EST on 08/20

    1. It feels great to have a real production team and on air talent to back up the action of EPL.

      I must say, even as an Arsenal supporter, I woke up at 7am and stayed with NBC[SN]until 1am to watch all the games and studio coverage.

      Yes there were some bumps in the road but for the first run out it was still better than anything Fox Soccer ever did for EPL or even Champions League Football.

      1. This lot sound like United’s “supporters” who scream for the manager’s head after 4 pre-season games LMAO.

        People NBC has only just started and they are going all out. Give them a few months before you trash them to bits.

  9. I don’t know where you got 50 minutes from, as every episode of the BBC MOTD I’ve ever seen has been 70-80 minutes, which, coincidentally is what 2 hours with commercials works out to.

    The thing that bothers me about NBCSN’s version of MOTD is that while there are extended highlights in both, the real special aspect of the BBC’s MOTD is that after the highlight packages you get lots of analysis. It’s more than just guys sitting in chairs or a couch talking about the game we just reviewed. It’s in depth analysis with graphical overlays of key moments showing space and tracking runs and so on. There’s just not enough meat on the bone for NBCSN’s version.

    While there were certainly the green shoots of that when the two Robbies broke down the difference between Liverpool and Man Utd’s killer instinct and chance conversion, we got the two of them standing awkwardly in front of a giant touchscreen and doing a half assed version of the kind of graphics we see in the BBC’s version of MOTD. There’s just no reason they couldn’t mimic what the BBC does and have the professional graphics people draw up the boxes and arrows and have the two Robbies do their analysis verbally over the video package.

    I’m also gutted that Lee Dixon is not going to be involved in MOTD. He was very much their best pundit, and the fact that he couldn’t put up with the two Alans’ laddish nonsense is why he bolted for ITV and then NBCSN in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he did a great job doing color on the Man Utd game today, but I think NBC is running the risk of overusing the same crew for 10 hours of coverage a day and/or under utilizing people like Arlo and Lee who are very thoughtful analysts in addition to being commentators.

    I guess in the final analysis, the BBC’s MOTD would be a program I would watch even if I had seen all or most of the games that day, just because I wanted to hear their crew’s take on the action after having a few hours to ruminate on them. If all NBCSN is going to give me is the same talking points I got during the live games that day, there’s not much of a reason for me to tune in other than to catch the highlights of the odd game I might have missed. It’s not going to be appointment viewing in its current format.

    1. Agreed..except for Dixon…but horses for courses…I think Le Saux wok is also part of the team offers better more articulate thoughtful analysis but hey

    2. Great points Grant and whole-heartedly agree. However, since it is Episode 1 for NBC compared to the long history of BBC MOTD, I will cut NBC some slack.

      Given the effort they have made to raise the bar for EPL coverage, I think they will get it right over time.

  10. According to my TiVo’s program guide, the rebroadcast of MOTD at 4:00am PDT tomorrow morning is only one hour long.

  11. For me, I dislike these kinds of shows (studio commentators with opinions). I didn’t watch them on Fox, nor on ESPN, not on bein sports. Annoyning. The BPL review show is the best. Straight in highlights – not “MTV” camera jumping and hopping around. At end of show, the standings. Simple, straight forward and good. Of course some “wise” person at NBC has decided to show the BPL review show two days latter after the weekend and at 2 am. People in the US sure love the studio shows banter and exchange of “I’m right and your wrong” between commentator “experts.” 2 am – nuts. And no I don’t have a DVR – my budget can’t afford the monthly fee.

  12. Bit weird that in the Saints v WBA game which had few highlights they didn’t show the stunning Boruc save right after Super Rickies pen…what else did they miss??

    But overall verdict was a top, top effort from NBC.

    We are in for 3 fabulous years…

  13. It’s too long. I want to see all the goals and highlights in an hour without needing to use the FF button.

  14. I DVR’d NBC Sports Network’s Match of the Day. I’ve read most of everyone’s comments on here.

    It seems that the majority of people commenting here have seen the original Match of the Day on the BBC. I actually watched it yesterday before seeing the NBC version.

    It’s going to be hard for NBC to duplicate what the BBC did after one show (and for the record, most English viewers have gripes with the presentation of Match of the Day on the BBC). It’s good that we have this platform to discuss what we think is good and bad about the NBC product. But we also need to realize the huge leap forward in football coverage we just witnessed.

    Do you know how many minutes ESPN devoted to the Norwich City-Everton yesterday?….zero.

    NBC’s Match of the Day gave it 8 full minutes of highlights with game commentary (not some lame ass ESPN host who spends more time talking about their Twitter feed and thinking up clichés).

    As for the need for analysis of the matches. It would be nice to have quality analysis, but it’s hard to find good analysts in any sport.

    I would prefer the extended match highlights with game commentary and some post match interviews of players/managers.

    If a match has a few “talking points”, then they should be analyzed.

    Overall, I was happy with the NBC version of Match of the Day. It was on par with what I expected.

    For me, NBC did a solid job with their first full day of work.

    1. Your last comment sums it up. A solid job on the day and thank you to NBC. Sure some things will work and other will not but on the whole a great experience for US viewers unlike anything we ever had.

      MOTD should not as I see it just copy the BBC. Put a new twist on things and give it an American voice. Probably on the whole NBC’s biggest need is for more of our boring American accents.

      1. I don’t think it has anything to do with an “American Voice” but more of NBC’s stamp.

        NBC has great history with sports coverage and their current takes on NHL, NFL and MLS show they can add value to each sport they cover.

        I think NBC just needs the time on the job and will only get better from here.

        As for hiring more US grown talent or not, I hope they hire them based on their skills and not just because they have ‘Merican flag pins on their suits.

  15. Manager post game reaction and pundit analysis required. Other than that it was fine. Good way to start my day this morning. Watched it while having my rice crispies.

    1. I think they should also add a couple more pundits for MOTD. The two Robbie’s are good for Premier League Live but I think MOTD should offer greater insight and debate.

      I think as MOTD US finds its identity it will only get better.

      1. I was watching Goals on Sunday (SkySports) this morning and they had Peter Schmeichel on. He was really good when they were breaking down the matches.

        I thought he would be a great grab for NBC. Turns out Schmeichel has been doing television overseas for some time.

        But unfortunately for my idea, he is planning on getting into managing.

        It figures. Because his analysis was spot on.

    2. I disagree. I’d rather have a hour-long show with approx 5 mins per game and no analysis of interviews.

      Perhaps this could be a different show. The actual game highlights are too long in this version.

      I notice an hour long version on the schedule, We’ll see what that is.

      1. I think there is a 30 minute show called “Premier League Goal Zone” which airs at 1pm ET today that fits your desire to have the best highlights with no analysis.

  16. On Demand?
    Part of this comment is me just educating myself on where to watch football since the NBC takeover.
    If I wanted to watch the Arsenal/Villa game online can I do it? On NBC Sports website all I can find is the live Chelsea game and a full rerun of United/Swansea.

    I am surprised I cant see the Everton Norwich game? If I was an Everton fan would I have to have seen it live on the web? That’s not always possible, I did like FOx Soccer’s on demand service and hope that NBC can implement this. Wait for the week when Chelsea, Arsenal and United all have 10am games on a Saturday. I am not sure the current set up will work for everyone unless they open up extra channels to broadcast on TV.

    Also the Motd (US) version doesn’t seem to be on the NBC Sports website for replay. I was hoping this would be. Fortunately I can at least set my DVR for that going forward. I forgot yesterday.

    Lastly, did anyone who watched an online game notice if there was a ticker on the webfeed. I hope not, I wasn’t overly thrilled with it on the TV broadcasts but if they put it on the webfeeds it takes away any chance of watching two 10am games without them being ruined which would be counter intuitive for a network trying to get you to watch as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  17. Thanks Gaffer, thats a handy article.

    Any ideas on the ticker for online showings. If i was watching Everton Norwich yesterday I’d have hoped for no ticker, then would have watched Arsenal on TV on DVR (theoretically).
    Of course I couldnt have had the ticker given the Arsenal score.

    1. Maybe someone else can try to answer that question. I’ve only watched a few games online so far. Most of my viewing has been on TV so far.

  18. Much better than FSC. Would like to see more tactical anaylasis like the UK counterpart.

    Off topic but anyone know if they’ll ever fix the extra time android app so it works?

  19. Overall: Much, much better and engaging than the generic FOX show from previous years.

    Good bits: Highlights selection was good. Commentary was good. Discussion was generally good. Interviews were interesting (and good).


    – More analysis – not sure they have the right people for that though. Mustoe is better than Earle.
    – DO NOT…DO NOT…spoil the results before you show the highlights. Whose idea was that? Don’t even show a goal as you’re going into the break – show a near miss.
    – Please show the team sheets before the game rather than during the first highlight
    – Please move it up in the schedule: 9-11 ET would be perfect.
    – Two hours for a Sunday seems too long, although I’ll reserve judgment until I see it.

  20. Great coverage so far. A MOTD equivalent is what US soccer coverage has been missing. I don’t want to watch 90 minutes of Stoke versus Hull (which is why I never subscribed to Fox Soccer +), but 10 minutes of each game gives a good picture of each team in the league, and so far the analysis has been a little more insightful than Warren Barton & Co. Let’s hope it continues.

    Just one thing, please, please, please drop the ESPN style list of scores – it’s a spoiler for the show, and doesn’t bring any real value (as if you wanted a spoiler as to the scores, you’d already have looked them up on the website).

  21. I’m honestly already seeing an improvement from yesterday. I didn’t know about Martino going in, but I enjoy his analysis so far.

    An issue I had last night is that the highlights that they had for the lesser profile games seemed to be light in significant action. I don’t know how much thought was given to what plays were used. I’m not that familiar with MOTD in England, but is it typical to use the first 30 seconds from every game? Seems a little useless.

    Loving NBC so far! Just wish MOTD was on a bit earlier in the evening. The programming that they have on at those times makes me wonder why we have to wait so long.

  22. Missed MOTD yesterday, but just watched MOTD2. Overall (other than the football) it was pretty lame. As much as has been said above about MOTD pluses and FOXSC minuses, one thing I did like about FOXSC was the Premier League Review show (usually on Sunday evening). Discovered MOTD2 looking for its equivalent on NBC … still looking.

      1. Hi Gaffer,

        Do you know where I can find an e-mail contact for NBCsports network. I would like to send them a polite e-mail requesting that the Premier League Review show time is changed to something more reasonable – like Sunday night or at least Monday night. Thanks.

  23. Is MOTD 2 just the TWI highlight show or did NBC do in studio comments. When I tuned in late it was just the highlights.

    1. MOTD2 is NBC’s own show. The Premier League Review Show at 2am ET on Tuesdays is TWI’s weekly review show.

  24. FYI:

    IMG/Premier League Productions offers 2 versions of the Premier League Review show: 1 with highlights from the Monday night match, and 1 without.

    NBCSN took the Premier League Review show with Monday night highlights. That’s the reason why the show did not air until Monday night at 11pm Pacific (Tuesday morning at 2am Eastern.)

    1. The NBC version seemed to have a significantly higher number of ads than the old FOX Sunday night version. This drastically reduced the amount of actual football covered on the show. Was this an NBC decision or did IMG change the structure of the show to include more ads? It was disappointing…

        1. I did, as I wasn’t awake at 1am CST :)..

          The issue is that with so many ad breaks, it severely cuts down on the amount of the actual review. Instead of getting some context and line-ups before each match, they often jump right into the highlights and only show a very few manager interviews.

          Say what you want about the FOX coverage, but I preferred the richer review show. I will try the MOTD show to get my review fix, but even then it sounds like I’ll be wearing out the FFWD button on the DVR remote. sigh.

  25. Gaffer, any word if their MOTD/2 program will be available on demand as well?

    I know NBC is moving toward having the matches on it, but would love to see this show as well.

  26. NBC you suck at this. Give the rights back to someone willing to dedicate a full channel to the EPL. u are ruining futbol in America.

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