Arsene Wenger: ‘People Say Buy, But Buy Who?’: Nightly Soccer Report

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit back at criticism that the club have not been working hard enough in the transfer market by saying that Arsenal is working 24 hours a day to sign someone.

Wenger said:

“We are there to spend money. People say: ‘Buy players, buy players, buy players … ‘ But who? We analyze every single player in the world and work 24 hours a day for that. We are serious about it. Until we buy players we have to win football games.

“I’m not here to say who is right or wrong. I am here to make people happy who love this club. We couldn’t go out at five to three and buy six players. We were on the market before the game and exactly the same after the game.”

While Wenger appears genuinely defensive, actions speak louder than words. The truth is that Arsenal have spent less money on transfers this summer than any club in the Premier League. If Arsenal are working 24 hours a day to sign a player, then they’re obviously doing something wrong because it’s not working. Who or what is the obstacle that’s preventing them from signing top class players while all of the other sides in the Premier League have already finished most of their transfer purchases?

And by Wenger asking the rhetorical question about who Arsenal should buy, the issue there is that they’ve missed so many opportunities to sign quality players this summer that the number of choices available are far fewer than earlier in the window.

Arsenal are in serious trouble of the club having a meltdown. The supporters are angry, and they have every right to be upset especially when Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said that Arsenal would have a £70million transfer kitty this summer. Yet they’ve spent £0 and have let 17 players leave the club.

It’s time for less talk and more action from Arsene Wenger.

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