Preview: Pick Your Dream Team From Europe’s Five Top Leagues

Earlier this week, we wrote about a brand-new fantasy soccer game called Euro Fantasy League.

The concept of the game is quite appealing — you get to select a squad from the top five leagues in Europe, so you can assemble a dream team of players from La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Ligue Un and the Bundesliga.

I sat down last night and took a closer look at the game, as you’ll see in the video below.

Euro Fantasy League is open for registration. Sign up today at

One thought on “ Preview: Pick Your Dream Team From Europe’s Five Top Leagues”

  1. Went to set up the free 1 league team. A few things I didn’t care for:
    1. Can only pick max 3 players from one team.
    2. Have to give home address in registration/to play.

    So, because of #2 I choose not to play in league. To bad, it looked interesting (outside of the limitations of 3 players max from 1 team).

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