Comcast Xfinity Not Ready In All Markets To Offer Premier League Extra Time

A substantial number of Comcast Xfinity customers will have access to Premier League Extra Time this weekend for the launch of the 2013/14 season. However, despite NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) being owned by NBC Universal, which is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, not all Comcast markets will have the overflow channels available for opening weekend.

It’s disappointing news for soccer fans who presumed that since Comcast owns NBCSN that 100% complete access to Premier League Extra Time would be a given. From what we understand, Comcast’s national head office is on board but the rollout of Premier League Extra Time via Comcast’s On Demand feature is done on a region-by-region basis, hence the delay in all Comcast markets being ready for the August 17 launch. It comes down to a technology hurdle. For TV providers such as DirecTV, any changes they make to their programming offerings are immediately updated nationwide.

The Comcast regions that don’t have access to Premier League Extra Time for the opening weekend are working on getting it added to their On Demand programming. Here’s the message that appears on NBC’s Premier League Game Finder tool when Comcast is entered as a choice:

“Barclays Premier League Extra Time is available in select XFINITY markets, with the remaining markets expected to be added by the end of the year. Go to On Demand/Sports & Fitness/Premier League to see if you receive the Extra Time package.”

If you’re a Comcast Xfinity customer, your best bet is to visit the tool to see what it says, and then check your On Demand section (mentioned above) tomorrow to see if the game choices appear. For the opening weekend of the Premier League season, the four games on Premier League Extra Time are Norwich vs Everton, Sunderland vs Fulham, West Bromwich Albion vs Southampton, and West Ham United vs Cardiff.

Note that Comcast Xfinity customers can watch all of the other Premier League matches this weekend that air on NBCSN, NBC and mun2.

An important point to remember is that all Comcast Xfinity customers who subscribe to NBCSN will have access to NBC Sports Live Extra, so if your local Comcast market isn’t showing Premier League Extra Time games, you can watch them online instead.

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  1. Not too much of a surprise though. Comcast seems to be the most disorganized, least customer-oriented corporation in the business. Had hoped NBC would straighten them out…apparently not. #sucks

      1. With Tivo, you’re unable to get Comcast On Demand working. So you would have to remove your Tivo Cable Card from the back of your cable box/DVR, and then use your old Comcast remote control to access the On Demand channels, and try to find the games that way.

  2. comcast rep on twitter told me it would not be available on demand in the Atlanta area. This is pitiful, Comcast has openly advertised having Extra Time available pretty much since NBC announced it, and they’ve had months to figure this out with all of their markets. I can understand if perhaps a small metro area or two slipped through the cracks because of a lack of demand or awareness, but Atlanta not having access to this is ridiculous. Its comical when you consider that Comcast is the parent of NBC, and are basically throwing their own networks efforts under the bus.

    1. Update: Comcast rep (@comcastorlando) says that it will be available in the “next coming weeks” as they “run upgrades.” Well, since they’ve had months to get this figured out, I can only assume “next couple weeks” actually indicates a timeline of maybe next season.

  3. They did say our area Minneapolis-St.Paul or the SW Burbs of it at least is getting it via a call I made. I hope I was not being appeased but we will see tomorrow.

    But I honestly don’t see why people are surprised by Comcast and its local market philosophy.

    Here we don’t get BeIN Sports in HD or SD in English and 95 percent of people in Minnesota speak English. We don’t get Fox Soccer Plus in HD or SD.

    It is just a complete mess – Comcast need to nationalize all market to the same line up and same channels. So all customers get treated the same.

    We have Fuse in SD here so we get Fox Sports 2 in SD and Fox Sports 1 in HD. Some markets don’t get FS2.

  4. Okay I am confused. So Premiere League Extra Time and NBC Sports Live Extra are two different things?

    I was planning on watching games online tomorrow – this does not affect that, right?

    1. NBC Sports Live Extra is online and will have all games. NBC Premier League Extra time is on t.v. and covers the games not shown on other channels.

    2. Yes, they are two different things. Extra Time is a set of overflow “channels” to watch the games not on NBC Sports on TV. The NBC Sports Live Extra is online via NBC Sports website, or on your mobile device through the app of the same name. Online would not be affected by this.

  5. Thanks for the update Gaffer

    DC won’t have the channels either. I’m not surprised as Comcast is the worst service to have if you like sports.

  6. Utterly ridiculous albeit not surprising from Comcast.

    I don’t understand why it has to be through on demand as well. We were promised actual overflow channels.

  7. Comcast have just scored the firstn own goal of the season. It’s a real pitty after all the good stuff NBC have been doing

    If Comcast don’t want to play for the Team they should be put on the transfer list.

    Talking to a Comcast rep reminds me of a Monty Python sketch (the Cheese Shop come to mind – here’s all the cheese we don’t have) Why is getting information out of these people like pulling teeth. All I wanted to know was a simple yes or no and if no, when. What is the big secret.

    1. Two of my favorite comcast stories

      1. Order nba league pass only to discover they are not in HD. Asked for refund, took away channels, charged every month and took a call every month to get the money refunded for over a year.

      2. Asked comcast if I could get larger Hard Drive DVR box. They said they could ship me a new box but they would have no idea what kind of cable box they would ship out so I might get a better one, worse one, or even same one.

      Told maybe go to the hell scape known as DC local Comcast store to get bigger DVR box. Asked if they indeed had better box available at store again nobody at Comcast knows what boxes are where so again could get better box, worse box, same box.

      Was told this by multiple people so I assumed it was the truth and just kept my old small box.

  8. It is worse here in the Memphis area but I am glad I jumped ship last year when beIN sports launched…Big Kudos to DirecTV….Can’t stand Comcast albeit still stuck with their internet…

  9. I loathe Comcast. Well here in Sacramento after talking to a Comcast Rep Arianna nobody seems to know when and if Premier League Extra Time will be available.

  10. Starting to think nobody is getting it. I went to my local Comcast, and they had no clue what I was talking about. They said they’d look it up. She proudly displayed a page about FOX Soccer moving down into my package saying, “Here’s soccer stuff.”

    Thanks a lot…

    No indication I’m getting it. 90 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.

  11. Id love to see the markets that don’t get it. Houston Atlanta dc/Baltimore so far ain’t getting it. Not exactly small markets

  12. Comcast. Awesome. This is why, barring some sort of asteroid event, my TV signals will forever come in from the sky. Nice and uniform processes no matter whether I’m in San Diego, Tampa Bay, Albany or Butte, MT. Comcast can feed me internet until other consistent fast options become available. Otherwise get of my lawn.

  13. Doesn’t make any sense why they are running this thing through On Demand and not on subchannels like other sports packages (NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings) runs on.

  14. No Extra Time channels in Denver (yet?). Streaming only.

    This is NBC/Comcast’s baby. They’ve been making a huge deal out of this. It’s a major FAIL that they are doing this to their viewers. Heck, you can go to DirecTV for a better viewing experience.


  15. We see Premier League on our on demand with two options BPL Matches, and Team Profiles and More – the BPL Matches selection is not populated yet.

    1. That’s what I’m seeing in Atlanta as well. Other comments have suggested 2 or more games will appear around the 10a ET start time, and that these games will be available later today On Demand and stay up until next Saturday. Hope so.

  16. I have Comcast in PA. I was told by two different reps that I would indeed get it. I have the Premier League folder, but only the Team Profiles and More option, I do not have BPL Matches folder. Starting to worry a little.

  17. Provider: Comcast
    Location: Jacksonville, FL

    Although I didn’t watch live and they were available a short time after Saturday’s slate of matches were completed, I did have access to PL Extra Time. They have divided the segments into halves. There is a separate heading for Premier League under Sports and Fitness. I wonder though if the issue still continues to be whether these matches will be aired at the scheduled kickoff time…

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