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Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013-14 Season

best soccer shirt designs 600x300 Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

The quality of this summer’s new soccer shirt designs has been a mixture of some good, some bad but some ugly. However, we’ve combed through the better ones to come up with a list of the ten best dressed teams that will be hitting the pitch this season. Whether or not that’ll translate to wins remains to be seen.

10. PSV Eindhoven Home Shirt: 100 years strong

PSV Eindhoven celebrate their centennial this year with a back-to-basics design that ditches the stripes and checkers mix that was last year’s shirt with a home shirt that is a solid red with gold and white accents worthy of celebrating a century of play. The white collar breaks up the red, but otherwise this is a wonderful design.

psv home shirt front back Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

9. Chelsea FC Away Shirt: Understated, yet smart

It’s the plain white shirt that doesn’t try to do too much and that’s all that matters. As always, the adidas stripes feature prominently on the sleeves but what really stands out is the red band across the chest. It’s noticeable but not distracting. One of the nicest kits revealed for the upcoming season.

chelsea away shirt front Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

8. Galatasaray SK Home Shirt. Want to go half on it?

To be honest, I have never been crazy about Galatasaray’s colors but it seems like this design for their home kit finds a good shade of each color and blends it very well together. It’s not as busy as 2011’s design, and it’s more casual than last year’s design.

galatasaray home shirt 600x301 Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

7. Hibernian FC Away Shirt. Nike flips the script yet again

hibernian away shirt Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

Nike did this shirt design last year with Manchester United’s away jersey, which had a trendy buttoned-up collar. Taking that design, Nike has gone from white to black in Hibernian FC’s away kit. Black on white with the logo in green equals a clean look.

6. Aberdeen FC Away Shirt. Proof that Swansea was a guinea pig to designers

aberdeen away shirt Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

If you’ve seen this shirt design before, it’s Swansea City’s away shirt. With Aberdeen’s away shirt, it’s a good example of how adidas can take the same design, switch the colors, keep the adverts in plain-and-simple English and voila! You have a nice away shirt without the ‘futuristic’ look that failed. It’s a great blend of red, black and white, with no overpowering colors.

5. Everton Away and Arsenal Away Shirts. Let the sun shine.

everton away shirt front Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

arsenal away shirt centerpiece Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

Give Nike some credit with brightening up the pitch with these away offerings for both Everton and Arsenal. Some may hate the new Everton logo but the color scheme is aesthetically pleasing. Arsenal’s away shirt is just as impressive especially given how the blue complements the yellow so well.

4. West Ham United Home Shirt. New kitmaker keeps old traditions

west ham united home shirt group Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

adidas now has their hands on the West Ham shirts and I must say this effort is a better look than Aston Villa’s latest effort. The white collar and stripes (which go part-way down the sleeve) bring out the colors of the rest of the shirt without being too distracting. And thankfully the new sponsor fits right in with the shirt’s color scheme.

3. Birmingham City FC Home Shirt. Classic yet modern

 Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

This style was introduced in the early 70s and then re-introduced in the late 90s, then in 2007. So why not do it again? Birmingham’s latest creation from Diadora once again dips into the well of a modern retro look that quite frankly is not as busy as the last time this style was incorporated.

2. Chivas del Guadalajara Home Shirt. A perfect blend of red, white and blue

 Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

The new home shirt for Chivas de Guadalajara is stunning. It’s one of the few designs where the team colors and the sponsors co-exist in a shirt without anything really taking away from it. It’s bright and flashy without being overpowering.

1. France Away Shirt. Minimal, but classy.

france away shirt Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013 14 Season

Nike likes to experiment with collars on kits and this year’s efforts on the France away shirt is a beautiful touch. I like the fact that it’s casual enough to dress up with without it being too garish to be identified as a football shirt. If I was a supporter of France, I would buy it. In fact, I still may get it anyway.

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18 Responses to Top 10 Best Soccer Shirts of the 2013-14 Season

  1. rej4sl says:

    I just can’t get my head around people wearing a shirt with the word Bimbo on it. Just makes this expat smile.

  2. Patrick says:

    Chivas? West Ham? Birmingham? Half the kits on here are attrocious.

  3. John Gregory says:

    Please stop with these ridiculous shirt critiques every year.

    There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it. The same understated nature you’ll compliment on one kit (see above with Chelsea), you’ll deem “boring” on another (Man City). You’re just making this up as you go along to rack up page views with little effort.

  4. Brad says:

    Yikes…Aberdeen? Everton jersey reminds me of the olders Milwaukee Brewers jerseys. Don’t really like it. France shirt is no way the best.

  5. Evan says:

    This is all just opinion, and I don’t really care who has the best or worst shirt.

  6. Yespage says:

    I agree that the Burnley… I mean Aston Villa… I mean West Ham kits are nice.

    • StellaWasAlwaysDown says:

      Well, Aston Villa is the original. Can’t blame Burnley and West Ham for taking a good-looking kit!

      • Adam Heap says:

        Being a Burnley fan I can tell you that aside from the white collar/Adidas stripes, this is almost an exact replica of our kit from 11/12.

  7. jtm371 says:

    i would have put Forest away shirt in but i am 100% biased.

  8. March says:

    Roma home kit.

  9. Adam Heap says:

    Like some choices, disagree with others, but you clearly didn’t see the Besiktas 110th anniversary third kit this year, which is bloody fantastic.

  10. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Surely the Roma kits deserved a spot?

    • Harry Cee says:

      yes, it did but I wanted to try and keep my list ‘short’ for those who ‘complained’ about my numbering but yes it IS a nice kit!!

  11. Andrew Boyd says:

    I’m liking the West Ham kit. COYI!

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