Test Card Spotted In The Wild for NBC’s Premier League Extra Time [PHOTO]

A test card for NBC’s Premier League Extra Time has been spotted in the wild. The new service will be launching this Saturday on TV screens across the United States (more details here).

The photograph of the test card for Premier League Extra Time was spotted on Cablevision.

H/T @Gooneronice.

9 thoughts on “Test Card Spotted In The Wild for NBC’s Premier League Extra Time [PHOTO]”

  1. Just checked this out on my Cablevision box, can’t wait for Saturday.

    Only downside is that one channel is listed as EPLH1, and the rest are EPL1-5. I guess this means only one of the channels will be offered in HD? Haven’t seen anything about HD offerings for these channels, I always assumed they would all be in HD but that doesn’t look to be the case from the channel names.

      1. Well hopefully Optimum will be doing the same since I’m just going off channel names. I asked them on Facebook if they are SD or HD, hopefully I get a good answer back.

        When I asked about these channels on Monday they gave me the full breakdown including the On Demand options which shocked me considering how little they normally tell me like when I request Bein be added.

      2. That’s disconcerting. I hope they work out the problems with the app before Arsenal get relegated top the overflow channels

  2. I simply cannot believe that the transmission arm of the rights holder of this league is so radically screwing up the launch of this league. The production of their content looks awesome unfortunately Comcast appears determined to screw it up with their crappy on demand service and CIA slash DMV level of incompetence. Comcast is either stealthy or stupid I ask the readers to decide.

    1. http://www.nbcsports.com/ExtraTime

      typed in our zip code and found this for Premier League Extra Time

      Barclays Premier League Extra Time is available in select XFINITY markets, with the remaining markets expected to be added by the end of the year. Go to On Demand/Sports & Fitness/Premier League to see if you receive the Extra Time package. All Barclays Premier League Games are available at NBC Sports Live Extra.

      1. Thanks for this. No extra time yet for my local twc so we wait…but good to see confirmation of uverse channels (as we’ll likely make the switch).

      2. @rej4sl…this was really helpful.

        I found out yesterday that I won’t be able to watch all the matches on TV. But I will get to watch the matches (not televised on NBC or NBC Sports Network) online.

        Metrocast isn’t offering Extra Time.

  3. In my area in deep south Texas, Rio Grande Valley, the extra time channels are up and listed twice as NBCEXT1-5(channels 1775-1779) and NEXT1-5(channels 1780-1784). I’m assuming this means 5 channels of HD and 5 duplicates in SD.

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