Behind The Scenes On The ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ Set [VIDEO]

FOX Soccer Daily launches on FOX Sports 1 on Monday as a daily show bringing you news, highlights and analysis from the beautiful game.

The show’s host, Julie Stewart-Binks, takes you on a tour of the studio:

9 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes On The ‘FOX Soccer Daily’ Set [VIDEO]”

  1. Sorry… This chick wouldn’t know a “hard hitting issue” even if it rose up and slapped her… What a joke

    I give this show six months before its replaced by cheer leading daily.


      1. If Jonty were reading this:

        The way JSB butchered a whole bunch of German and Dutch names on one of her on-camera appearances on FOX Soccer Report was unacceptable to the viewers.

        Getting every name right should not be too much to ask of JSB now that she has made her way to L.A.

  2. ‘Your favorite soccer star in this seat’. Sure. Unless your favorite star happens to play for any of those ‘second tier’ leagues, like the EPL, La Liga, or the Bundesliga. Now if your fav happens to play in the SPL or the women’s league, you’re in business.

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