Announcing Voices of Soccer – A New World Soccer Talk Video Show

This week, World Soccer Talk debuted a new video roundtable show, This Week in Soccer.

Beginning next week, we’re launching our second weekly video show — Voices of Soccer, which will be hosted by yours truly.

Each week, Voices of Soccer will bring you cutting-edge interviews with news-makers from across the globe. Our inaugural interview will be launched next week but for future episodes, we’d love to hear your feedback on who you’d like us to interview. Please post your suggestions in the comments section below.

Voice of Soccer  is just one of many new developments at World Soccer Talk this summer. In addition to This Week In Soccer and the recent video documentary we produced on the history and legacy of Tampa Bay Rowdies, the website is providing an increased level of quantity, quality and types of features that cover world soccer. Plus, the popular EPL Talk Podcast will continue on a weekly basis to dissect all the teams and talking points from the Premier League.

4 thoughts on “Announcing Voices of Soccer – A New World Soccer Talk Video Show”

  1. Hope this is better than “This Week in Soccer” a brutally long and boring program with faces for radio and over analysis of boring topics.

    I like the Rowdies movie KK did. Hopefully this is more compelling like that one. I thought that would be part of a series of documentaries on the sport on this site. That is a good idea for a series not a weekly video over analysis show with radio faces use to podcasting when we have tons of TV shows already covering the same topics.

    Good luck with this one. I will watch this at least initially, but am not bothering with This Week in Soccer again.

    Oh by the way Kartik one of the best things you did on the Rowdies thing is stay off camera. You have a great voice but not really TV/video material looks wise, no offense. Questions and narration was great and you didn’t force yourself on camera. Do the same with this new program PLEASE!

  2. Thanks for your feedback TRT. TWIS is a work in progress but I am convinced no other show like it exists either on TV or the internet.

    As for VOS it will be an interview show with limited commentary. We are planning more documentaries similar to the Rowdies one as well.

  3. Really enjoyed TWIS and looking forward to more of it. Excited about Vocies of Soccer. I hope Chris has his fair share of interviews. The old interviews from the EPL Talk podcast at the start of the program with Chris doing the interviews where classics.

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