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Tottenham Begin Talks With Roma to Sign £30million Winger Erik Lamela, Says Report

Erik Lamela Tottenham Begin Talks With Roma to Sign £30million Winger Erik Lamela, Says Report

If Gareth Bale leaves Tottenham Hotspur in this transfer window, Spurs could sign Roma £30million winger Erik Lamela as a replacement, according to a report in the Evening Standard newspaper.

The paper reports that talks have now begin between Tottenham Hotspur Technical Director Franco Baldini and Roma Director Walter Sabatini over a possible deal in this transfer window. Baldini left Roma to join Spurs this summer, and the Italian said that Tottenham was interested in the player earlier this month.

Meanwhile, The Sun newspaper reported this morning that Gareth Bale has told his Wales teammates that he’ll not play for Spurs again, and that he has worn the Tottenham shirt for the last time.

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7 Responses to Tottenham Begin Talks With Roma to Sign £30million Winger Erik Lamela, Says Report

  1. COYS_USA_D1 says:

    Can they just make a deal already! Or Bale can man up and state what he wants b/c 3 more weeks of this saga is just going to annoy the s*@! out of everyone. Also after this is done Spurs need to end their partnership with Real. The Modric and now Bale situations have shown that they do not handle transfer situations like gents.

  2. Paul says:

    I’d say that was about £10m too much! Still… another interesting move from Spurs. Part of me wonders if Joe Lewis is planning on ‘doing a Jack Walker’!

  3. FreddyFreak says:

    You combine all that talent and their wonderful supporters and you are sure to get in the Champions League.

  4. Ray says:

    A lot of this hot air is originating out of Spain. They are supposedly quoting words from an “unnamed source” said to be connected to the Welsh squad. Any mug masquerading as a journalist can write this tripe, using the confidential information get out clause and all the low class leaches in the British press take it as gospel because they want Gareth Bale to go to Real Madrid so obviously wont question who exactly is this source. This afternoon it’s reported that Gareth Bale seeks showdown with Daniel Levy on Thursday as if Bale is the big knob who runs Spurs and Levy the servant. Where does this information come from? You’ve guessed it, Spain. Only yesterday Acelotti was saying that Bale is not needed in his squad because he already has superb talent at his disposal now today he’s supposed to be offereing £98M for Bale. The constant barrage of contrived crap coming out of Spain is pathetic and childish yet it’s lapped up by our own press. I wonder why.

    • viva lazio says:

      liverpool fans have accepted that Luis needs to move on if he wants to go, but i love how all the PATHETIC spurs fans start crying and kicking off when there best player leaves. its about time you realised you are NOT a top four side and shouldnt have players of that quality playing for you. You didnt ACTUALLY believe he wanted to stay did you ? haha ! Gareth has been carrying spurs for such a long time now, without him you woudnt have finished anywhere NEAR 4th, 5th, 6th !! You should just admit defeat before you embarrass yourselves any further. bye bye gareth, bye bye champions league boo hoo spurs hahaha mid-table finish i reckon. 42mill for paulinho and soldado ? oh dear

      • Mikee says:

        PRICK. Suarez has now said that he’s staying because of his “love for the Liverpool fans”. (plus the fact that Liverpool won’t sell him at any price).
        For Suarez and Liverpool, read Bale and Spurs. Now piss off back to Lazio and read Marca.

  5. Mikee says:

    Being Welsh, I watched the Welsh squad training on the local TV news today. They also interviewed a Spanish “journalist” who claimed that Bale was “almost a Real player”, and “he would never wear a Spurs jersey again”. Guess which “news” journal he worked for…….thats right, Marca. I rest my case.

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