Luis Suarez: ‘I’ll Stay at Liverpool Because of the Support From The Fans,’ Says Report

Luis Suarez looks likely to stay at Liverpool Football Club due to the support he’s received from Liverpool supporters who helped influenced his decision, according to reports coming out of the Uruguay national team camp.

The Uruguayan striker is in Asia this week, playing for his country in an international friendly against Japan (where he scored a goal against the Asian superpower).

According to Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, Suarez told a reporter in Japan that “For now, because of all the affection of the [Liverpool supporters], I would be staying.”

Meanwhile, Sport 890 reporter Martin Charquero is reporting that sources close to Suarez confirmed his decision to stay at Liverpool FC, and that Suarez looks likely to sign a contract extension.

If the reports are true, this is brilliant news for Liverpool FC, Suarez and the Liverpool faithful. Plus it will certainly give the club a boost in the Premier League this season. For Arsenal, it’ll be another blow to their struggle to make a significant signing in the 2013 summer transfer window.

Suarez still hasn’t made an apology to Liverpool supporters, but it appears that he’s taken the first step to get back into the good graces of the Anfield faithful. His protracted transfer saga this summer was ugly, but after PFA Chief Gordon Taylor said that it would be impossible for him to leave Liverpool in this transfer window due to the confusion over how his contract was worded regarding a release clause, Suarez had no option other than to continue playing for the Reds this season.

17 thoughts on “Luis Suarez: ‘I’ll Stay at Liverpool Because of the Support From The Fans,’ Says Report”

  1. The hungry Uraguayan developing a taste for humble pie.

    Suarez, Bale, Rooney all going nowhere it seems. About time the clubs got tough with these players and their despicable agents. Lets see if they behave like professional footballers and give 100% while under contract. The reaction from fans this weekend will be fun to watch.

    1. There is no humble pie here. No doubt he still feels aggrieved and, in his opinion, done absolutely noting wrong, therefore deserves total adulation from supporters.

      Agents are a big factor in moves like the one Suarez and Rooney are attempting, but it’s total player detachment that allows this to happen.

      A toxic agent can whisper all the BS he wants into a player’s ear, but nothing happens unless the player believes it.

      So, in short, Suarez and Rooney are still dicks.


  2. What decision did he make? There was no decision to be made – his contract was airtight. He realized he wasn’t going anywhere and now wants to try to worm his way back into the supporters good graces. He’s really a pathetic human being.

  3. Going to Arsenal would have been a lateral move for SUarez. I really like what B. Rodgers is trying to do with LFC. at times last year, they played the best attacking football in the PL. If Studge can stay healthy for the whole year, then i see Liverpool making the top 4.
    Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge combine so well upfront. If they can get Willian then things we’ll get interesting.
    I didn’t even get to Gerrard, Lucas, Johnson….

    Even though i am a united fan and is supposed to hate LFC, i can’t help but appreciate fluid attacking football.

    1. I’m a diehard LFC supporter. Live a short way away from the ground etc etc. But we’re not going to make the top 4 this year. That’s my honest opinion.

      Suarez is looking more likely to be staying – but we still have no idea what type of player we’ll be keeping! He’s a loose cannon at the best of times. As Rodgers said, his first step will be to apologise and at the moment he feels he’s got nothing to apologise for. IMO the best thing we could have done was shift him off elsewhere and let somebody else suffer the consequences.

      We’ve got an incredibly fortunate fixture list this season with no major run of ‘big’ games one after the other, unlike last season when it was one after the other at the start of the season – Arsenal, City, Utd etc. I think we’ll tally up some decent points this time around but the top 4 for me is:

      1. Man City
      2. Man Utd / Chelsea
      3. Chelsea / Man Utd
      4. Spurs

      Can’t decide on Chelsea or Utd for 2nd… Jose will have a positive impact but he will probably need another window to really make his mark. I think Arsenal will finally succumb to no spending and finish 5th, and Liverpool will climb to 6th. I’m not being a defeatist before a ball has been kicked – I’m just trying to keep perspective on things! Anything can happen and I wouldn’t say no to the extra money a top 4 spot brings but I still think we’re in need of more work. We’re going in the right direction but we’re not a finished product yet.

  4. Well said Br[an:

    Liverpool’s solicitors, Mr Henry, and Rogers simply reminded Suarez’s agent that he is under contract with the club. That fact is starting to sink in.

    If Liverpool have any sense, they will put him in the shop window come January.

  5. Sad that players come out in the media these days and drag the club through the mud.. As in football though, all will be forgotten once he bangs in 15 plus goals this coming season. Just wonder, if he joined the gunners and just suppose they failed to qualify for Champions League this year? Would he ask for another transfer? Silly players these days…

  6. The second all these wantaway players bang in a goal, all will be forgotten. Supporters are totally loyal to the club and forgive any player as long as he performs on the pitch.
    Liverpool need Suarez. They would have been horrendous without him last season.

    1. Why do people continue to hold that view re Liverpool/Suarez? If he wasn’t on the team, the difference was minimal! It’s completely false that he carries the team and it’s doomsday without him. It’s just not true. I even hear people labelling Spurs in the same way and how if Bale leaves, that’s pretty much Spurs chances gone. It’s a load of crap. Liverpool will make a marked improvement on last season with or without Suarez (I actually think harmony in camp will be better without him) and Spurs will do just fine with or without Bale.

      I don’t think this mind numbing transfer window is helping anybody. The quicker it’s closed, the better for everybody!

      1. Utd wouldn’t have won the league if Van Persie hadn’t put in the goals he did. Take away Suarez’ 20+ goals and they would have struggled. Proven goal scorers are very important to a team…that is why he is important to Liverpool.

        1. So, your assumption is those 20+ goals wouldn’t have been made up by other players, including whoever would have played instead of Suarez? There is no way for us to know that. The only thing we can do is compare Liverpool’s record with Suarez and without him last season. Liverpool won 80 percent of the matches they played without him.

          I’m not saying they are a better team without him. They aren’t, but I don’t think the suggestion that they would struggle is borne out by the statistics.

          1. We’re dealing in total hypotheticals that, in my opinion, metrics haven’t allowed us to brigade yet. That said, I think it’s safe to say that, considering Suarez’s relative ability to the others in the Liverpool squad, there are goals he conjured up that would not have happened without his ability on the pitch.

            Is that a fifth goal in a 5-0 win or the only goal in a 1-0 win? I don’t know; I don’t watch enough of Liverpool to measure, but I’m pretty confident that Jordan Henderson or Jonjo Shelvey weren’t going to take up the slack.


        2. Suarez is primarily the scorer of goals when the team are already steamrolling. He’s not the type of player who scores essential goals where winning/losing hinges on it. If you were to take his goals away last season, it doesn’t change the situation much at all – therefore it is a complete and utter myth that he carries LFC.

          Not singling you out for this, but I’ve heard people make out the LFC would have been in danger of relegation without Suarez and it’s just nonsense, it really is.

          1. That claim can be determined. Here’s the breakdown of his 23 league goals:

            7 were scored in draws.

            6 were scored as “insurance goals” (i.e)1-0 becomes 2-0)

            4 opened Liverpool’s scoring for the day

            1 was in a 1-goal win.

            5 were scored as icing on the cake (i.e. 3rd, 4th in a 4-0 win)

            18 goals either preserved a win, helped win the game or earned a draw.

            Those 18 goals helped Liverpool earn 19 points.

            Taking away all of his 23 goals (and assuming nobody else scored them – hard to determine, I agree), Liverpool would be short 17 points. (one win becomes a draw)

            61-point, 7th place Liverpool -17 points = 44 point Liverpool, which slips to about 14th place when you factor in that other teams gain points that Liverpool lost.

            That puts them well above the relegation zone, but also shows that he is NOT “…primarily the scorer of goals when the team are already steamrolling.”

          2. Not quite sure where you’ve got your calculations from, but working strictly on goals alone, it would have been an 8th place finish with a total of 50 points.

            That’s 11 points shy of what his goals helped the club achieve.

          3. I’m getting confused with all these numbers! It’s very hard to determine finished league placings because you have to factor in other teams differing results dependent on the re-worked Liverpool score, but on points tally as they stand in the table as it is, it would still have been a 7th place finish.

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