Jozy Altidore Scores A Hat Trick for USA Against Bosnia-Herzegovina [VIDEO]

US international and Sunderland striker Jozy Altidore scored a sensational hat trick Wednesday night to lift the US men’s national team to a 4-3 victory against Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

In the first meeting between the two sides, the US team had a poor defensive performance in the first half where they gave away two goals to the opponents. But incredibly, thanks to a wonderful touch by Altidore, the USA pulled a goal back after Altidore set up Eddie Johnson.

In the second half, it was all USA with Altidore adding a hat trick to his one assist. Edin Dzeko pulled one back near the final whistle for Bosnia-Herzegovina, but it was too late as the US men’s national team got a deserved victory in an impressive comeback.

For Altidore, this is exactly what the striker needs to help boost his confidence even more before Sunderlamd’s first game of the Premier League season on Saturday, which will be televised and available online via NBC Sports.

9 thoughts on “Jozy Altidore Scores A Hat Trick for USA Against Bosnia-Herzegovina [VIDEO]”

    1. I actually don’t think so. This is likely Clint’s last World Cup anyway, and the US needs to unearth good young players like this for the next cycle. It’s great to get him involved now.

  1. Have to say again that I thought a top of the table team should of signed Altidore. This is further proof of the glass ceiling that still exits for American players. After his last season in The Dutch League and his summer with the USMNT why Chelsea or Man City was not knocking on the door to sign him was a surprise.

    1. b/c he needs to prove himself at the mid-level in the PL first before the top club moves in for him. All top clubs have young players at least as good as him.

      1. I’m a huge Jozy fan, and have been since I was lucky enough to see him play in front of about 3,000 people as a 17 year old for the MetroStars. But I partially agree with you. The path that has emerged for Americans is through teams at the middle or lower part of the table in England. Until one plays at a top side and succeeds, there probably aren’t any that will go straight to a bigger club.

        However, if players coming from outside the league had to prove themselves at a mid-level club first, then Chicharito would not be at Man United. He came straight from Guadalajara, in a league that isn’t any better than the Eredivisie.

        I think Jozy will do well. We’ll see.

    2. Wilfried Bony who was the Dutch player of the year moved to Swansea. Altidore’s move was probably best in a World Cup year to get guaranteed playing time for Di Canio’s side.

    3. The concept of a glass ceiling for American players is ridiculous, all the US fans expecting Clint Dempsey to sign for a CL club in England at 29-years-old after a few good seasons at Fulham 1)have no understanding of how the transfer market in Europe works, and 2) seriously overestimate Dempsey’s true ability. Same goes for those who consider Tim Howard to be a world class keeper. In reference to Jozy,a couple good seasons in the Netherlands does not all of a sudden make you one of the world’s best strikers, Altidore certainly could have ended up a better club that Sunderland if he had been more patient and waited for the transfer market to develop, but you are delusional if you think Chelsea or United were going to come in or him. Scoring against CONCACAF opposition and Germany’s B/C team does not put Altidore on top club’s radar, and the fact that you called the Eredivisie ‘The Dutch League’ somewhat indicated that you only watched the highlight reel on Jozy’s time with AZ. I hope Jozy does well with Sunderland and since he is only 23, he has time to make it to the top level, but lets not put unrealistic expectations on him too early.

      1. Call me crazy. When has Wayne Ronney had a game like Altidore did yesterday against a quality team. The answer is never. Altidore has more athletic ability than Ronney can dream of but the only London team Jozy can think of playing for is Fulham at best.

        An additional bonus of Klinnsman as the US coach is that the big league teams not the end of the table clubs will be forced to looked at USMNT players.

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