FOX Sports 1 Launches Saturday But Not On DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Or Bright House

While NBC Sports debuts its Premier League coverage this Saturday, FOX Sports 1 launches on the same day with a schedule of NASCAR and UFC. However, unless any last minute deals can be finalized, the much hyped network won’t be carried by DirecTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks on opening day.

For soccer fans who have DirecTV, DISH, Time Warner and Bright House, the main concerns will be whether those TV providers will add the network since FOX Sports 1 carries UEFA Champions League matches, the new daily show FOX Soccer Daily (launching Monday), FA Cup and Europa League.

Negotiations are continuing between FOX Sports and the above mentioned TV providers.

Meanwhile, Comcast, Cablevision, CenturyLink, Charter, Cox, Verizon, AT&T and Suddenlink have added FOX Sports 1 to their TV lineups.

18 thoughts on “FOX Sports 1 Launches Saturday But Not On DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Or Bright House”

  1. We can wait a few days for this. I’m reasonably confident DirecTV will sign on.

    They’ve posted the first few days of the EPL schedule on their website, but still no access to the app.

  2. Fox loses content, then repackages their channels, and then asks for more money. I want to be able to see the FA Cup, but Fox is continuing to propel the costs of sports coverage upward.

  3. I look forward to Saturday, when Xfinity delivers me Fox Sports 1 in murky, hazy SD…because that’s just how Xfinity rolls…

  4. As much as I liked FSC (I only watched soccer and not the amateur recap shows), I’m escatic about NBC carrying it on Comcast. It saves me $30 a month because I got rid of FoxSoccer2Go and the sports package!

  5. Does anybody know what carriers have Fox Sports 2? I saw them promoting Champion League matches for next week during the England/Scotland match on FSC.

    1. Not sure Javier. FOX Sports 2 will replace FUEL on Saturday, August 17. So if you have FUEL now, you should get FOX Sports 2.

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