Ajax Midfielder Christian Eriksen Says He Would Like to Join Tottenham Hotspur

Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen says he would like to join Tottenham Hotspur if an offer was made for the highly-rated Danish footballer.

Eriksen told Danish newspaper BT:

“Tottenham are a great club.

“I know from Vertonghen that it is a good club, which is interesting. But there has not been any contact.

“I do not know if I am going to leave Ajax. We’ll find out in two weeks. There are to my knowledge no negotiations right now either with a new club or Ajax. If there is a good approach (from another club), I see as an opportunity to try something new, but if nothing comes, I do not mind staying.”

Tottenham are currently overflowing with talent in midfield at the White Hart Lane club. However, if Gareth Bale was sold, Eriksen may be an appropriate replacement as an attacking midfielder.

4 thoughts on “Ajax Midfielder Christian Eriksen Says He Would Like to Join Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. People having been talking this kid up fir the last two seasons but the fact that no big club has made a move fir him when he’s available so cheap says something. Wherever he ends up he better make sure he’s not sitting on the bench at this stage of his career.

    1. I had this same thought and recently asked a friend of mine from Amsterdam why this might be the case. He said Eriksen is a good player, but not so much that everyone wants him to stay. That surprised me given how often he is mentioned a transfer target for top clubs in England and elsewhere.

      He also said Ajax has better ones coming through the system at his position (of course they do, they’re Ajax).

      Also, nowhere does Eriksen actually say that he wants to join Tottenham. He seems open to a move to a lot of places.

      1. It was only a week or so ago he was saying he wanted to go to Liverpool. No doubt he has the talent but his progression seems to have stalled recently which is why no one has made the move for him.

        1. I dont get the whole his proggression has stalled. Just because noone has bought him yet doesnt mean hes not good. Currently hes better than all our Central Midfielders besides Carrick. If you actually watched the kid then you could question his level of talent. Bvb wants him but the move hit a snag. If Kloppo thinks this kid is good enough then why havent Utd made a bid or some level of contact for him. He plays CM now and he bossed Man City and he wasnt bitched by Yaya Toure something all of our midfielders cant say.

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