Newcastle United Unveil New “Members Only” Fourth Kit for 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]

Newcastle United played Braga yesterday at St James’ Park in a rather uneventful 1-1 preseason draw, but one of the talking points coming out of the match was Newcastle United’s choice of strip. They wore a new fourth strip, which their club describes as a “new members home kit.”

According to Newcastle United fan website, “The unfamiliar kit Newcastle wore was later described on the official website as the ‘new members home kit’ – in other words a fourth different kit for this season that in all probability will never be worn competitively.

“The actual design of the shirt isn’t new, with an almost identical shirt available in club stores recently – but with no Wonga logo and costing just a fraction of what this new one will undoubtedly retail for.”

While it’s an attractively designed shirt from Newcastle United and Puma, it’s another attempt by the club to fleece its supporters. This is one of those shirts that may end up being a trivia question in years to come, to ask football supporters to describe how many different kit designs the Tyneside club wore in the 2013-14 season.

In other news, a new image has been leaked on the Internet featuring Newcastle United’s third shirt for the upcoming season.

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