Broadcast TV Network NBC to Air EPL Club Guide and Countdown On US TV Today

Over-the-air TV network NBC will broadcast Premier League Club Guide and Premier League Countdown on national television today in the United States.

The two-hour Premier League programming will air beginning at 4pm ET across the free-to-air NBC network across the country.

The programs originally aired on NBC Sports Network on Thursday night.

Premier League Club Guide features Rebecca Lowe and Kyle Martino taking a look at all 20 clubs. The show will help people who don’t have a team to pick a side. It includes guest appearances by Men In Blazers, Michelle Beadle, Football Four Eyes and others.

Premier League Countdown features Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe taking a look at the top ten storylines for the upcoming season.

Both shows were met with rave reviews by soccer fans across the US.

The fact that both shows are being shown on the NBC network is a huge opportunity to inform mainstream America why they should follow the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League.

Have questions? Find out everything you need to know about NBC’s Premier League coverage for the upcoming season.

6 thoughts on “Broadcast TV Network NBC to Air EPL Club Guide and Countdown On US TV Today”

  1. Just a point of note, the Premier League Countdown show is actually live and not recorded or on replay. Great job by NBC though, this is a real statement of intent and NBC is going all in on soccer…

  2. I talked DISH network to add the Premier live extra package and they have no listings of it yet? Person on the phone didn’t know what I was requesting, nothing she coud see was listed for it???

  3. Just from the little I’ve seen so far from NBC I’m very impressed. No stupid gimmicks and the trio of Lowe, Earl and Mustoe is a big upgrade.

  4. Mr. Harris,

    Regarding the Manchester United vs Swansea City over-the-air broadcast by NBC on Saturday, will this be the first live broadcast of an EPL/English First Division game on over-the-air network television in the United States?

    I know Fox Network ran delayed broadcasts of EPL matches and they broadcast the 2013 FA Cup Final live but I do not remember Fox Network broadcasting a live EPL match.

    Just wondering if the Manchester United vs Swansea City broadcast will have that historic aspect to it.


    1. NashRambler, great question. While the match is going to be a massive one, it won’t be the first EPL match shown live on free-to-air network television. FOX had a few games they showed live on free-to-air FOX TV in the past couple of years including the Super Bowl Sunday “game before the game.”

      Here’s some good background info

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