2013 FA Community Shield: Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic: Open Thread

Today’s FA Community Shield game between Manchester United and Wigan Athletic (8:40am ET on FOX Soccer) will be memorable for several reasons.

One, for many of us, it’ll be FOX Soccer’s swan song in a meaningful English match before FOX pulls the plug on the channel in early September. Yes, FOX Soccer will be showing the England-Scotland friendly next week as well as a UEFA Champions League play-off match the following week, but today’s match will be the last major English club match the network will show since FOX Sports World began showing English soccer in 1998.

Two, today’s match marks the official debut of goal-line technology. Wembley, and all the stadiums in the Premier League, have been equipped with Hawkeye. Let’s see who will be the first person to go down in the record books as having a goal chalked off (or allowed) thanks to the British goal-line technology.

Third, today marks the first time since 1980 that a side from outside the top division in England will play in the FA Community Shield. Wigan, who are playing today as winners of the FA Cup, were relegated in the last week of the Premier League season. The last time a team from outside the top flight played in this final was 1980 when West Ham United were in the old Second Division.

Fourth, today marks the ceremonial start of the new top flight English football season. Let’s hope it’s a fantastic one.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “2013 FA Community Shield: Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic: Open Thread”

  1. Currently in Qatar watching the pre game, They got Richard Keys, Andy Gray, Peter Reid and Ian Wright in the Studio. Studio looks great.

      1. They also had the Martin Tyler, but here is the fun part, not a single commercial break since the program started, no advertisement on screen during the match either. Plus, Richard Keys kept repeating that ALL 380 games of the EPL will be live on AlJazeera Sport network, they got 16, yes 16 channels (6 of them in HD). They also have the all the FIFA competitions, all cups for each confederation, UCL and Europa League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, French league, they also have the MLS. And that’s only for Soccer, they got plenty of other sports as well. Basically they have everything under one package for 140 USD a year. Richard Keys just said that this is the biggest sports network in the world.

  2. David Moyes looked pretty antsy in the players tunnel. He looks a bit nervous based on his body language.

      1. I doubt that since he usually gets the big matches and NBC will have their own crew there for EPL matches and the big matches in the UCL FOX will use Gus. =/

  3. The action continues today with Everton vs Real Betis on GolTV right now, and Leicester vs Leeds on beIN SPORT at 11.30am ET.

  4. Well that might have been a appetizer next Saturday is the main course can not wait.

    P.S.Forest is 2-0 for the season only second time in 16 years to start season 2-0.

  5. wow have Fox soccer already sold off the fixings?? that studio set this morning looked like an ESPN Pro Bowling Circut set from the 1980’s #GoodRiddance

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