Premier League Refuse to Endorse Hull Tigers Name Change

After Hull City announced yesterday that they’re changing their club name from Hull City AFC (in the UK) and Hull City Tigers (internationally), the Premier League has revealed to The Daily Mail that the new club name won’t be endorsed for the upcoming season.

A Premier League spokesperson said:

“We have not been informed of a change in the name of the actual club, it is the company name that has changed. They will still be known as Hull City as far as the Premier League is concerned when results or fixtures are published.  We understand the move is more to do with their international reputation.

“If any club wanted to change the club name we would talk to them and see what processes of consultation [with supporters] they had gone through.”

So while Hull City can change their logo and refer to themselves as Hull City Tigers on their own club website, don’t expect to see the changes adopted by Hull City supporters or the media worldwide unless they want to poke fun at the club.

Hats off to the Premier League for stating they would want to find out how the supporters were involved in any name change process.

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