Raheem Sterling to Go On Trial Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend: Daily Soccer Report

As if Brendan Rodgers didn’t have enough on his plate. Now, his left winger Raheem Sterling will go on trial in September charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

The 18-year-old was arrested last night and spent the night in jail after being charged with common assault. Sterling went to court this morning and pleaded not guilty before being released where he went to Liverpool’s training ground.

While Sterling is a bright hope for both England and Liverpool, this developing story will be a massive disappointment to both Rodgers and Hodgson.

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4 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling to Go On Trial Charged With Assaulting Girlfriend: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Where is Rodgers’ talking about the values of the club. This kid was trouble before they signed him to a four year extension last season.

  2. is this the Liverpool way?…this lot are one training ground air rifle incident away from being as horrid as the blue lot with the arrogant one.

  3. Oi! Running out of players to cheer for at Liverpool. Of course, he is only charged, so who knows, but definitely not a positive development.

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