PFA Chief Says It Will Be “Practically Impossible” for Luis Suarez to Leave Liverpool This Month: Nightly Soccer Report

Professional Footballers’ Association Chief Gordon Taylor says it will be practically impossible for Luis Suarez to leave Liverpool this month.

“With the transfer window expiring, the difficulties of not only selling him to a competitor but also replacing him makes it practically impossible.

“I think it really muddies the waters to have buy-out clauses that are supposed to be confidential between employer and employee.

“Inevitably that gets out. The drafting of such clauses are far from straightforward.

“These are issues we are going to have to raise with the Premier League at our regular discussions.”

With Liverpool owner John W Henry saying that Suarez is going nowhere, it appears more likely than ever before that Suarez is staying at Liverpool — whether he likes it or not.

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5 thoughts on “PFA Chief Says It Will Be “Practically Impossible” for Luis Suarez to Leave Liverpool This Month: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. As an Arsenal fan that wants Suarez to come to Arsenal (i didn’t at the start of the summer but now theres nobody else), I have nothing but respect for Liverpool’s stance.

    Arsenal fans more than most know what its like for top players to leave and I wish arsenal would’ve acted like Liverpool and just said no.

  2. What do you make of the Orlando City stadium story Gaffer, will they get a shot at MLS if Beckham rocks up in Miami?

    Phil Rawlins is a big tip to end up as Stoke chairman one day. It’d be interesting to see him interviewed as he has a significant interest in clubs in either country, being a director of Stoke and the main man at OC.

    1. I’m happy for Orlando and Florida. The southeastern United States may finally be getting a MLS team after a wait of 12 agonizing years. It’s quite possible that Beckham may announce a Miami MLS team, while Rawlins will announce an Orlando one creating a great cross-state rivalry.

      Kartik may have interviewed Rawlins before, in the past, for MLS Talk. I can’t remember. But yes, it’d be good to have him on again. We’ve got some things in the works. And the news could be good for Stoke City too in terms of closer relationships between a more high profile club than Orlando City.

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