Gary Neville: Will David Moyes Change Manchester United Or Will United Change Moyes? [VIDEO]

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville joined new colleague Jamie Carragher this week to discuss Manchester United’s upcoming season — and whether Moyes will change United, or United will change Moyes.

As usual, it’s an informative discussion from Neville. Carragher chimes in with appropriate, intelligent comments too. And judging by Carra’s work in this video, he’s definitely been trained by Sky Sports and is improving as a better communicator (in the past, he talked a mile a minute and was difficult to understand at times).

In this Sky Sports broadcast, Neville also goes deeper into the tactics and formations, which he does so well. It’s enlightening once again from him.

Watch the video for a very interesting conversation and analysis:

How many years will it be before Gary Neville is England manager? Could he do it without actually having any club management experience? Honestly, I think so.

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5 thoughts on “Gary Neville: Will David Moyes Change Manchester United Or Will United Change Moyes? [VIDEO]”

  1. It’s easy for Neville or anybody really to sit and analyze a match after its been played and come up with good ideas but the question is can he do it during a game from the touch line.

    As for Carragher he did sound better but still looked a little awkward especially using the tactic board.

  2. I dont get why they are forcing Rooney to stay. Let the guy go. He lost his starting spot for us last season and was below par. Moyes accept the Chelsea bid and go buy a LB 2 CMs and a top class winger. I have to ask him why would you wait until the league starts in 8 days to buy a a midfielder. He goes in his press conference and says new faces are coming and midfield is the priority and noone has come in. Spurs bought Paulinho for 17million £. Why didnt we go after him. He would have chosen Utd over Spurs almost certainly. The worst part is he uses the old i just got the job B.S. Hes known since May 8 he was going to be the Manager and has had 2 months to make a signing and none have come in besides Varela. Pep bought Goetze before he even touched Bayerns touchline. Then theres Ed Woodward. This is how you know something weird is going on behind the scenes. We hire a banker with no football experience to be the guy who works on transfer deals for us from our commercial side of the football club and this is the same banker that sold Utd to the Glazers and was rumoured to have gotten millions in a bonus from the IPO which was supposed to clear up some of the debt.

    1. I honestly believe they would have sold Rooney earlier if they received a bid from a non-English club. City and Chelsea are the biggest threat to the title defence and I’m pretty sure they’re considering the consequences of that.
      As much as I’m also upset about the lack of signings in the midfield, we did try to get Fabregas. There must have been something there which made them put in two bids. I’m more ticked off about how public this has become.

      But agreed, 8 days before the league starts and no significant signings….especially after seeing how City has armed themselves, is worrying.

      1. We have had Wayne Rooney for 9 years and never.have we.been locks for.the premier league title because of him. We had him last year yet City were still favs to retain the title. His ability is being over estimated by far. If we sell Rooney we save 26 million pounds on his wages alone. Thats enough to buy a replacement in itself. Say we get 25 million for him thats 51 million pounds we have plus the transfer.kitty. We can put in a 35 million pound bid for Modric and Real may or may not except it. Im happy giving Chelsea an overweight overpaid overrated manchester united cast off. We had our best performance of the season when Rooney didnt play which was Real Madrid home. We most likely will play a one striker system this season so 4 guys for one position is to much. Im happy with Rvp Welbz and Chicha for one position. Welbz may be played on the wing so it could be just RVP and Cchich rotating. The club has made the bed that they must lie in. They gave him a contract that makes him get payed more than Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney doesnt even score half the goals Ronaldo does in his best seasons or even bring that level merchandising to the club that he does. They could have sold him to city for 50 million in the summer or played hardball and not gave him such a ludicrous contract and say 175k or you rot on the bench. 50 million for Wayne Rooney and we would have had the pick of the lot of best Strikers in Europe in 2011. Poi.t is the club screwed up big time by giving him that contract and they know it. Now Epl fans realize why La liga Bundi and Serie A fans say this is a league of over rated players. Wayne on his best day cant rub Agueros shoe laces and same for Drogba who was the best Pure striker in the Prem and i dare say Europe after the wane of Thierry Henry. Not knocking you Brian at all respect your opinion. I think i came off to strong at the start but i get that Wayne could get back his form

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