Gary Neville: Will David Moyes Change Manchester United Or Will United Change Moyes? [VIDEO]

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville joined new colleague Jamie Carragher this week to discuss Manchester United’s upcoming season — and whether Moyes will change United, or United will change Moyes.

As usual, it’s an informative discussion from Neville. Carragher chimes in with appropriate, intelligent comments too. And judging by Carra’s work in this video, he’s definitely been trained by Sky Sports and is improving as a better communicator (in the past, he talked a mile a minute and was difficult to understand at times).

In this Sky Sports broadcast, Neville also goes deeper into the tactics and formations, which he does so well. It’s enlightening once again from him.

Watch the video for a very interesting conversation and analysis:

How many years will it be before Gary Neville is England manager? Could he do it without actually having any club management experience? Honestly, I think so.

H/T 101GG.


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