GolTV to Televise Celtic-Elfsborg UEFA Champions League Match Today

Today, GolTV will televise the UEFA Champions League Third Qualifying Round second-leg match between Celtic and Elfsborg at 1:45pm ET.

FOX Sports owns the US media rights to the Champions League, but with FOX Soccer in re-run mode (except for International Champions Cup games) and its coverage of the UEFA Champions League not scheduled to begin on FOX Sports 1 until the week of August 18, GolTV has been permitted to show this one match on its channel.

The Celtic match will be shown on replay at 10pm ET.

According to GolTV’s TV schedule for the next two weeks, this is the only UEFA Champions League match the network is scheduled to air as of press time.

GolTV is available on DirecTV and other select TV providers.

14 thoughts on “GolTV to Televise Celtic-Elfsborg UEFA Champions League Match Today”

  1. The match actually kicks off at 1:45 pm EST and GOL TV finally fixed their listings which originally had the match beginning at 2:45 pm EST.

  2. Well, since I just resubscribed to the Sports Pass with TWC I think I’ll watch this one since the pass includes GolTV as well as beIN SPORT and FS+. Thanks for the heads up! :-)

    1. Interesting, do you know if Gol on TWC is regional? It is not on our twc sports pass or any other package–I called to confirm and was told it is not avail.

      1. It must be a regional thing. I live in eastern NC. There is a significant latino population across the area, so that probably accounts for GolTV being in my Sports Pass.

  3. Why isn’t Fox showing any games from the qualifying rounds? They are showing stupid reruns of games played a year agi.

    There have been some very good match-ups in the early rounds. Why is Fox so awful at everything?

  4. “GolTV has been permitted to show this one match on its channel”. GOL-TV do not need “permission” to show the match, the CL rights only include matches starting with the “Playoff Round”. Broadcast rights for the first 3 qualifying rounds are sold by the clubs themselves (ie there is no “package” of rights for the early rounds). Fox has decided NOT to pay for the match. GOL-TV did…

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