Wayne Rooney Prepared to Submit Transfer Request at Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report

Wayne Rooney is prepared to submit a transfer request at Manchester United to force his way out of the club, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Reporter Daniel Taylor writes that “there is a strong possibility that he will have formalized his position at Old Trafford with a transfer request” and “Rooney is increasingly thinking he will have to [submit a transfer request] after United revealed they had turned down a second bid from Stamford Bridge.” However, Taylor attributes the comments to no source, so the news appears to be conjecture based on the latest developments including Wayne Rooney’s “shoulder injury” that ruled him out of today’s Manchester United friendly.

What’s your prediction about how the Wayne Rooney saga will end this summer? Will Manchester United let the player go to Chelsea, or will Rooney stay at United? Share your prediction in the comments section below, and add your reason why.

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13 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Prepared to Submit Transfer Request at Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Submit it already!

    Although I would rather he be sold to Arsenal than Chelsea, he is forcing his way out. Chelsea can afford him, have a better need for him and unfortunately for us, Chelsea will be a greater threat with Rooney.
    Ideally, what I would like is us to sell Rooney to Barca for 10 mill + Fabregas.
    Never happening though.

  2. i know it could never happen but i would love to have him transferred to the Turkish or Greek League.Shrek go away.

  3. As much as I’d love to see this happen I can’t see United letting a player of this quality go to a rival. That’s strictly Arsenal territory and no one does it better.

  4. It is David Moyes fault for letting things get this bad and never try to move Rooney. Not only he didn’t sign quality players, but now he’s trying to hold on to Rooney because he failed in the transfer window. SAF told us since May that Wayne wanted out.

    ANd I hope Moyes don’t buy Fellaini either because that’d be useless. Who needs a midfielder who’s best asset is being a set piece specialist???

  5. All of you are talking rubish, as for me let him go to were he wants to go please, and he can never make it there that is what i know. That is what happen to torres rit now.

  6. Wherever he ends up, he’s had such an “injury” plagues pre-season that he’s going to be unfit and crap for the start of the year. I can’t imagine Mourinho or Moyes being too happy with a fat Rooney to start their tenures.

    Regardless, this will end up poorly for Rooney and he’ll have nobody to blame but himself.


    1. It’s a puff piece from the Premier League from an interview they did with him at the close of the 2012-13 season.

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