Tottenham Director: If Bale Is Desperate to Go, We Can’t Force Him to Play for Us

Tottenham Hotspur Director Keith Mills has accepted that Tottenham Hotspur cannot hold on to Gareth Bale if the Welsh attacking midfielder wants to leave the club.

In an interview with the Evening Standard newspaper, Sir Keith Mills said:

“We very much want Bale to stay.

“If a player is desperate to leave, it’s very difficult to force him to stay. We’ve seen it in other clubs. Even if he has a contract, you can’t force somebody to play for you.”

Gareth Bale returned to training with Tottenham Hotspur today, but speculation is still rife that Bale’s agent is trying to push through a deal that will send the Premier League star to Real Madrid for a transfer fee anywhere between £80m-£125m.

9 thoughts on “Tottenham Director: If Bale Is Desperate to Go, We Can’t Force Him to Play for Us”

  1. Contracts seem to mean nothing to you people. If he played for Real and we said all this folk would blow us out the water, one tiny chink of what you want and 20 articles the same. There were less when AVB stated clearly he is staying?

  2. AVB makes a direct,public statement and the media treat it as a minor aside. the Spanish media roll out today’s unsubstantiated rumour and it’s like Moses bringing down a tablet despite their previous contradicted rumours. Whatever happened to integrity?

  3. They should make a deal with Bale. The same deal SAF did with Ronaldo when he wanted to go to Madrid: Just give us 1 more year and you’ll be off to Madrid next summer!!
    Because right now they can’t let him go if their goal is to qualify for CL

  4. I enjoy how much power players have in Soccer.

    Sign long term contract to take away all risk for a player. If bale had torn his knee up and was never the same Spurs would have to pay him for three more years.

    But if he does well and stays healthy he can only 9 months after signing new deal basically become a free agent and will sign new long term contract at much higher salary.

    What’s the point of contracts? Maybe Soccer should just ban contracts longer than 1 year.

    1. its a two way street. Once a team doesn’t want a player anymore, they take steps to force said player out. So i got no problem with player power.

  5. What a ridiculous headline, of course spurs can’t force him to play. He wasn’t saying that bale has said he doesn’t want to play for spurs so, there for he is sold.

    He can be told he is not being sold, he can be told we value you x amount and if some is willing to pay cash upfront for it then fine.

    Strange how the headline wasn’t, ‘Bale turns up to training smiling and in a good mood’. He did exactly that today, As he entered A fan asked Gareth ‘are you staying’ he smiled and continued. Let’s ask how a player that reportedly locked himself in his house until levy lets him go, comes to training at all when the clubs position has t changed on NOT selling bale.

    All other reports including all official comments to date are that bale is staying… Mills is a smart man if anything the statement is to correctly position the club so when it’s announced he is staying its clear we are not ‘Making’ him, that he is doing it of his own free will.

    I guess man Utd believe they can make Rooney play for them when he doesn’t want to? What about Rodgers, can he make Suarez play?

    Mills said lots of more interesting things in the interview outside of stating the obvious.

    No one is picking up on the apparent dissatisfaction and lack of worth CR7 thinks bale has. He didn’t even acknowledge bale was a good player like his team mates have, he doesn’t think bale is worth it. But let’s not focus on the realities of Real and CR7 imminent departure. Or, the fact that Barnett’s contract runs out next year and bale has yet to renew, shocking this move is allegedly happening this summer not next.

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