Luis Suárez Wants Out Of Liverpool

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian newspaper, Luis Suárez has asked to leave Liverpool, claiming that the club promised him he could go if they failed to qualify for a spot in the Champions League.

Suárez said he will take the issue to the Premier League to try and force a move before the league’s transfer window closes on Sept. 2.

“Last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go,” he told The Guardian. “I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a top-four finish – now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement.”

Suárez is apparently okay with making a move to Arsenal, even though the Gunners play in England, home of the media that Suárez has blamed for his problems on the pitch, which have included a racial incident with Patrice Evra and a 10-game ban for biting Branislav Ivanovic (of which Suárez still has six games to serve.)

That is all water under the bridge, it seems, to Suárez, who is acting like a petulant child who is not getting his way. By going public with his demands he runs the risk of alienating a fan base that has stood behind him since his arrival with the club in 2011.

We get that the club will be weaker without Suárez on the pitch, but it is getting to the point where Liverpool may be better off just moving on from Suárez. As talented as he is, eventually you reach a point where his off-field baggage outweighs his production on the pitch.

There is also the little matter of Liverpool may need the money they would get in a transfer for Suárez.

Manager Brendan Rodgers has spent the past year cleaning out the mistakes left behind by the previous regime. He has already moved on from Andy Carroll and Charlie Adam at a combined loss of £23 million. Now with the reports that the club will allow Stewart Downing to go to Newcastle for £5 million – after the club paid £20 million for him – that would mean that Liverpool would have seen losses of £38 million on those three players.

It seems likely that principal owner John Henry will eventually decide enough is enough and look to recoup some of that lost cash.

And with the start of the season less than two weeks away, the club doesn’t need the daily distraction of dealing with questions about Suárez and his future.

Time for the club to say, “thanks for the memories” and book Suárez on the first train out of town.

What’s  your opinion? How will this transfer saga be resolved? Will it go to the PFA for resolution, or will Liverpool work out a deal with Arsenal?

25 thoughts on “Luis Suárez Wants Out Of Liverpool”

  1. What a POS he made the legend King Kenny look like a fool and he did the same to he is rubbing the fans nose in it.he is secure in the starting XI for all time cad side.he and Shrek can go pound much talent and empty between the ears for both players.

  2. I know that I might get couple of thumbs down, but to the Liverpool fans who defended his antics: would you have done so if you know that he would turn his back against this great club ?
    I’m not a Liverpool fan, but grew up watching the Reds and have a huge amount of respect for the Club.

    1. Nothing mate like Barnes said don’t love the player but love the club.

      but with Luis coming out with this interview it just shows that the contract is watertight with no BS clause. John Henry has shown he has balls by sacking Kenny…so expect them to hold firm and hoping real or some European club calling from him.

      I think if Arsenal come up with45mil+ add ons combined with Suarez transfer request I think BR will sell…the rumor is that Suarez was entitled close to 10mil in loyalty bonus if LFC sell him.

      Where hell is PSG, Monaco, Real, Chelsea when you need them..dang!!!

      1. That’s spot on. This interview doesn’t change a thing. It just shows that Suarez is now desperate because the contract is watertight and he can’t handle the fact he was stupid enough to verbally agree to something.

        We’re still in the same position as yesterday and the day before that – if Arsenal want him then they have to pay what Liverpool are asking. If Real were to swoop in now, they’d have a deal straight away.

        Nothing will be looked at until he does away with the loyalty bonus and hands in a transfer request anyway. Even then, it’s still not odds on he’ll end up playing for Arsenal. I imagine that will be dependent on them getting through their qualifier first. They’ll reach the later stages, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if they failed to qualify just to see Luis’ reaction!

        If the club really wanted to dig in, they’d make him rot in the reserves until Real can get him in another window. That’s harsh but I don’t think it’s completely unthinkable. Depends how much they don’t want to sell to Arsenal.

  3. Another thought: it’s probably good to have a minimum release clause for players so this situation can be avoided in the future. It will protect the clubs from players taking the clubs as hostage.

  4. i know MUFC fans and LFC fans are not the best of friends but maybe you can setup a shirt burning would make for a great picture.hell if i lived in England i would buy one so i could go to the party.

  5. It is a shame for Liverpool to become defiant like this. Even they can’t achieve champions league next year so what will say next year.

  6. Wake up Moyes. How about a Suarez-Rooney straight swap? Stranger things have happened and both players have thick enough skins to not give a sh*t what the fans think. Rooney goes “home” and Suarez gets champions league football. Win-win.

    1. Smokey
      I want whatever your smoking no way in HELL!Forest has a better chance of adding a third gold star to their shirt.

      Congrats on your Lions win today.

      1. Patrice Evra might have a problem I suppose. But putting aside the history between the two clubs, it makes sense from a pure footballing perspective, no? Suarez would be a terrific partner for RVP.

        Just thinking outside the box given all the trouble Moyes is having in the transfer market.

    2. Smokey – Liverpool and Manchester United haven’t directly traded or sold players to each other in decades…I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  7. Like I said earlier this window, Suarez is more likely to go than Bale.
    As for Farsenal fans, you really want this guy at your club….if you get him, karma should not let you out of the UCL qualifies this season.

  8. Wants to leave because of the English media, gives an interview to The Guardian:-/ Go figure, as you lot say.

    1. the Guardian reporter asked him about that statement and he answered kind of reasonably. it’s all in the interview

  9. It just kinda proves what all the non-LFC fans have been saying all along. We said he was a jerk and LFC defended him. Now he’s repaying that loyalty. Enjoy him LFC!

    1. OMG. ManU fans called him a jerk and LFC supporters defended their own player. This is shocking!

      Dean, here’s a newsflash for you. All clubs have jerks, some are worse than others. If you are a supporter you stick by them and the club. You hope the player learns from his mistakes and repays the loyalty. In this case, it appears Suarez isn’t going to do that. So, he can piss off (hopefully to La Liga).

  10. I think Suarez is doing this in hopes that Madrid come in with a huge bid to outdo Arsenal. I can’t imagine Suarez would be happy playing at Arsenal even though they are in the Champions League

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