Inter Milan vs Juventus & Everton vs Valencia, International Champions Cup: Open Thread

The penultimate night of the 2013 International Champions Cup is underway with Inter Milan against Juventus playing to determine the seventh and eighth place finish, which is followed by Everton against Valencia for the fourth and fifth place spots.

For viewers in the United States, the games kicked off at 6:30pm ET on FOX Soccer. The two matches in Miami are followed by two more tomorrow — AC Milan vs LA Galaxy, and Real Madrid versus Chelsea, in the final.

Join in the conversation with fellow soccer fans in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs Juventus & Everton vs Valencia, International Champions Cup: Open Thread”

  1. Can someone explain to me why Everton is playing for 4th/5th place when they lost in the semifinals? Shouldn’t they be playing Milan for 3rd place?

    1. The changed the seeding some time and never updated their site. It looks it was going to be the losers of the first matches where in the 5th/7th places matches. Then they decided to seed the 2nd/3rd place teams from each side based Head to head, Goal differential, Goals for, and finally Goals against. They never made that clear until now how that was going to work.

    1. Nope. Everton played Juventus in the first game and won. LA Galaxy played Real Madrid in their first game and lost, and then Real and Everton played and Everton lost….so how come LA Galaxy are playing in the 3rd/4th placing? They were not even in the semi’s

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