Behind-The-Scenes With Coach Ted Lasso, New Head Coach of The Tottenham Hotspurs [VIDEO]

NBC’s promo video featuring former SNL comedian Jason Sudeikis has been a massive hit on the Internet. The video to promote NBC’s coverage of the Premier League has already surpassed 2 million views, and it was only released four days ago.

Although tragedy struck Coach Ted Lasso when he was fired as the American coach at Tottenham Hotspur after just one day, Tottenham Hotspur’s publicity team was kind enough to contact us to provide this 3-minute video featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Ted Lasso at Tottenham’s training center. THREE POINTS!

10 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes With Coach Ted Lasso, New Head Coach of The Tottenham Hotspurs [VIDEO]”

  1. NBC has changed the ad in Times Square it’s no longer Bale. It was designed by D*Face!. The picture is on on NBC Sports Facebook page.

    1. Can you post a link to the info about the billboard? I can’t find it on their Facebook page. Thanks.

    2. I just went to the NBC Sports page on FB and didn’t see the pic without Bale. The one with Bale is on there from a couple of months ago, though.

  2. With the material NBC have produced has ben top quality ALL the promo stuff has been great quality not just the Spurs stuff even tho it is very funny.

    I am disappointed NBC has not had more season build up programming, intro’s of the team pieces, something that makes me change my viewing behavior and gets me going to channel 723 more regularly in preparation of the season.

    I think they have wasted the reach they have with comcast, I have seen zero promotional material or any info on what channels show what and where, that side has been poor so far…IMO

    1. Yeah I think the production value has been really high, and that’s a great thing to see. But I have been confused with the messaging NBC has tried to get across. They dont have anything out that really gets someone excited about the premier league.

  3. I find these ads only a little funny. But they mostly just make soccer look bad by making fun of it in a mean spirited way.

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