American Striker Juan Agudelo Signs a Pre-Contract With Stoke; Will Join Club In January

US international striker Juan Agudelo has signed a pre-contract with Stoke City, and will formally join the club in January, according to a report by SBI.

Sources confirmed to SBI that Agudelo will join Stoke City in January after his current MLS contract expires on December 31. The report adds that Stoke City and Agudelo are trying to see if the striker can join The Potters in the current transfer window, but a transfer fee will need to be finalized in the next 27 days before the window shuts.

Agudelo, 20, has made 17 appearances for the US national team and has scored two goals. The Colombian-born striker was traded from Chivas USA to New England Revolution in May, and is seen by many as one of the promising stars in Major League Soccer.

Stoke City haven’t confirmed the news as of press time.

What’s your opinion about Agudelo moving to Stoke City where he’ll team up with fellow Americans Geoff Cameron and Brek Shea? Do you think Agudelo can cut it in the Premier League? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “American Striker Juan Agudelo Signs a Pre-Contract With Stoke; Will Join Club In January”

  1. Now all the Euro Snobs can calm down about Dempsey. See, our young US guys are getting opportunities. Agudelo can go to Stoke, not play much but do a bang up job in training because EPL training is worlds better than MLS and be the new starter for the USMNT. Klinsi might as well name Juan the captain while he’s at it. Put the final nail in Dempsey’s international career coffin now before he steps foot on the CenturyLink field.

    1. Nick,

      I get the sarcasm in your post, but you really don’t think this is a move worth trying for Agudelo? He needs to challenge himself against better defenders and grow as a player. The examples of that happening in MLS are few and far between (notice I didn’t say it never happens).

      I feel bad for Agudelo. Backe’s management really set him back, and he doesn’t appear to have been able to get back on track. I hope this does the trick. He’s got plenty of talent and is quicker than probably any other forward in the USMNT pool. I’d love to see him back in the frame.

      1. As far as the move, part of me would have liked to see him stay in MLS but contract expired, free transfer, see what opportunities are out there. I’m fine with that part of it.

        I am confused by his deciding to go to Stoke and not Celtic. Obviously, EPL > SPL BUT Celtic has Champions League (and apparently really wanted to sign him after his trial but couldn’t reach an agreement with MLS).

        Agreed – Backe really messed up his career path a bit.

  2. Agudelo said he’s delighted to be joining Stoke and is excited to get the opportunity to learn how to play rugby.

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