Watch ‘This is the Premier League’ — Season 2013/2014 Promo [VIDEO]

We’re less than two weeks away from the kick-off of the 2013-14 Premier League season. To get your excitement levels up even higher than they already are, watch this new promo video that’s produced by Kisdrogba Productions (which is no relation to Didier Drogba, unfortunately).

The four and a half minute video is backed with a surprisingly effective soundtrack including the song “I Will Wait” by the British folk rock band Mumford & Sons.

Click play, expand it to full view and sit back and enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Watch ‘This is the Premier League’ — Season 2013/2014 Promo [VIDEO]”

  1. thanks Chris great video can not wait for season to start. next year when Forest is back i can give stick to all of you instead of just watching matches with no dog in the fight. Hey its my dream so i am going all in.

      1. You can tell they were thinking “what’s the best selling young English band.”

        Never mind they play backwoods Appalachian music.

  2. Where were Swansea, Norwich, and West Brom in that video? As returning teams, none of them seriously threatened relegation and yet they are under-represented (if not absent) from those clips. Oh well. Excited for the season to start.

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