Liverpool to Off-Load Stewart Downing to Newcastle United at a £15m Loss: Nightly Soccer Report

Liverpool are prepared to offload winger Stewart Downing and declare a £15million loss to let the inconsistent footballer move to Newcastle United for £5million, reports the Liverpool Echo newspaper.

Two years ago, the Reds signed Downing from Aston Villa for £20m. Late last year, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers warned Downing that if his performances didn’t improve, he would be sold in the January transfer window. Rodgers’ words were the incentive that Downing needed to show a marked improvement in his performances. But despite the progress, Liverpool are likely to part ways with the English winger.

Newcastle United have asked Liverpool if Downing is for sale. Now the ball is in Downing’s court to decide whether he’d be interested in moving to the north east.

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8 thoughts on “Liverpool to Off-Load Stewart Downing to Newcastle United at a £15m Loss: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. What happened to Moneyball? This reminds me of an exchange from the movie “Major League”:

    “I thought you said we had no high-priced talent!”
    “Dorn? Don’t worry about him, he’s just high-priced.”


    1. Coutinho 8.5mill
      Sturridge 12 mill
      Aspas 7.5 mill
      Toure FREE

      These will be 4 very important players this season. This is what’s called better than “Money Ball”


  2. Downing was a waste of space until 6 mos ago. He’s finally regained some form and Rogers wants to sell him for a 15 million loss, before the season starts? When there is a possibility the club may still lose Suarez? Rogers does know there is a transfer window in January right?

    1. Of course he knows that but you need to look at the bigger picture. Downing is generally believed to be on about £90k a week and the club can’t justify spending that on a player who will be sat on the bench most weeks. Will he make a big impression as an impact sub? I doubt it. You also have to take the suggested £5m into account because of the high wages he’s on, we wouldn’t be likely to get much more than that anyway.

      As an example elsewhere – Coutinho is thought to be on £40k a week and we’ve (supposedly!) offered Costa £60k a week in wages. Shifting Downing on is a no brainer.

      1. Yes, he’s on high wages but 90k a week is still not reason to sell him at 5 million, unless his contract is coming due. Sell him in January or loan him out.

  3. The big spending that MLS should be doing is to bring in top notch youth coaching or sending people over to Europe to get taught how to coach so they don’t have to rely on US players going to Europe to get quality coaching.

  4. Can’t blame Rodgers. This was a signing during Kenny’s attempt at fielding an England only side. Aside from Borini and Joe Allen, his purchases have been a significant upgrade from the previous transfer policies.

  5. I think the FA needs to step in and look for a way to prevent english players from being so overpriced. Its ridiculous. I remember some “pundit” on epl talk defending the Carroll, Downing and Henderson price tags. Most of us knew from day 1 that they were terrible signings.

    Even though i dont like LFC, i like what Rodgers is doing with the team. LFC played some of the best football in the PL last season. that Sturridge-Suarez-Coutinho front 3 is just ……*sick

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