Tottenham Hotspur Confirm Deal Reached to Send Clint Dempsey to MLS

Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that the club have reached an agreement with Major League Soccer to send US international Clint Dempsey to Major League Soccer.

The official statement on the Spurs website reads:

“The United States international returns to MLS after making 43 appearances and scoring 12 goals in our colors following his signing from Fulham last summer.

“We wish Clint every success for the future.”

Seattle Sounders is expected to be the final destination for Dempsey for a reported transfer fee of £6million and wages of £100,000 a week.

Dempsey had this to say about Seattle after playing there for the US men’s national team recently:

“I’m good friends with (Sounders forward) Eddie Johnson, and he always tells me what it’s like playing here, playing in front of the fans, just how it’s an atmosphere that’s comparable to what it is in Europe.

“It’s great to see that the game is building and that there are markets like this where people have passion for the game. I almost felt like I was in another country the other day when the Seattle Sounders game was on.”

8 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Confirm Deal Reached to Send Clint Dempsey to MLS”

  1. Don’t understand this, Dempsey is in his prime and he leaves a big club like Spurs in the best league in the world to play in MLS? With Bale on his way out, Clint would have been their primary goal scorer and go to man. MLS is rising for sure.

    1. I love Demps but he would not have been the primary goal scorer in view of recent signings and Bale replacement signing- He never looked comfortable with Spurs in spite of several important goals. He made the choice he felt was best for him -perhaps in re-establishing himself in a comfortable place -he’s not young anymore but I think he’s got some more good years. Not every great US player has to go somewhere else – i.e. Landon Donovan. Demps could easily be a January loan deal for someone

      I wish him muck although Sounders are going to be very potent bad news for SKC

      1. I agree with gbewing. Remember that Spurs transfer listed Deuce. In another thread, someone mentioned that West Brom probably would’ve made the best fit for Dempsey, but the Baggies don’t have money.

        Since nobody else came calling to pick up Deuce, he probably decided to go somewhere where: 1) he is wanted, and 2) he is pretty much guaranteed playing time. This being a World Cup year, the prospect of not playing much at Spurs wouldn’t seem appealing. And, he can do a January loan move as gbewing suggested.

        I think that Clint did what is best for him, now.

        1. Just for the record, West Brom (and any other Premier League club) has a ton of money to spend on transfers. The TV contract is bringing in tens of millions for each club. If no Premier League club wants Dempsey (although we’re not sure of that), it’s probably more a reflection over doubts about Dempsey’s abilities than a lack of money. Having said that, I rate Dempsey really highly but I think he’s selling himself short by cashing in on going to Seattle.

    2. As my buddy said, this move says more about where Dempsey is now than the Sounders/MLS.

      Hard to tell if this will help the USMNT because he’ll get more time on the pitch or if the lower level of competition will hurt.

  2. I said this would happen, he is not a AVB player, to slow, and yes lazy…he has left for the pay day and good for him…he is a nice guy and scored two important goals for us v Utd.

    I wish him the best, but not sad to see him go.

    Glyfi could be next…

  3. I hope he knows that grass pitch they played on in the WC qualifier was brought in just for that match and he will be playing on a fake pitch when he is playing for Seattle.

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