NBC Sports Launches App to Help Sports Fans Pick a Premier League Club

NBC Sports has launched a web app that helps American sports fans who are new to soccer to pick a Premier League club. Plus, for soccer fans who already have their favorite club, the app tests how much of an expert they are about their team.

The web app asks readers to choose between ‘I have a team’ or ‘I need a team.’ If you select ‘I need a team,’ the app then connects to your Facebook or Twitter account so it can review your data to make a more informed decision about which team is a better fit for you. Plus the app asks you a series of questions to pick a side for you.

As a Swansea City supporter, I went through the process of seeing if it would suggest my club as the club I should support. Based on my Facebook profile, it automatically said I am an Arsenal supporter. Wrong. So I told the app to help me pick a different team. It asked me to choose between my favorite bands, the type of movies I enjoy watching, etc, and then suggested I support Sunderland because Pet Shop Boys lead singer Neil Tennant is a Sunderland supporter. The logic in the questions and club suggestions is flawed, but it’s still a lot of fun and could be helpful for new fans to learn more about the different clubs.

If you already have a team, the app asks ‘Call yourself a fan?’ and then poses several trivia questions to make sure you know your club. After completing the quiz, you can share your fandom with a choice of a smack-talk e-card, trading card, club badge, fan banner or team scarf. It’s a great way to get soccer fans to spread their love of the game, and I’m sure NBC hopes it’ll help clue your friends into the beautiful game that’s on NBC.

In addition to the app, NBC Sports has launched their Premier League portal, which features video team guides to each team that helpful and informative for beginner fans.

What’s your opinion about NBC’s app and their team guide videos? And which clubs did the app suggest that you support? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “NBC Sports Launches App to Help Sports Fans Pick a Premier League Club”

  1. Gaffer,

    I notice that the NBC Sports Live Extra Android app still does not list DirecTV as a partner provider, so I still cannot access streams as of today.

    On the flip side, I saw this in the NBC Sports article here: http://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2013/07/29/nbc-sports-group-announces-u-s-tv-schedule-for-first-three-months-of-premier-league-season/

    “To date, AT&T U-verse®, Cablevision’s Optimum, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, DIRECTV, DISH, and Suddenlink have opted to carry the additional Premier League matches via the Premier League Extra Time package”

    Do you know if it’s been confirmed that DirecTV users will be able to log in to NBC Sports Live Extra, or is Premier League Extra Time a standalone app (and if so, will it require a subscription)?

    1. Derek, you may want to reference this thread for more information — http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/07/29/nbc-announces-tv-schedule-for-epl-matches-between-aug-dec-including-10-on-free-to-air-nbc/

      There’s still 2 weeks to go before the season starts, so it may take a few days or more for DirecTV to get everything set up.

      Premier League Extra Time is for TV only as overflow channels.

      1. Right, thanks. I’m counting on the Extra Time package is going to be along the lines of what DTV airs during major sporting events (e.g. 4 dedicated channels during golf Majors). Misworded my original comment.

        Just going to have to wait and see about the mobile app…..

  2. Looks like a great strategy to bring new fans into the game. I would bet that there will be many new fans who will in fact base their team selection on this web app. I mean, “NBC chose it for me” is about as good a reason for a US fan to support a club than most others I have heard (mine included).

  3. I took it three times just to see what I’d get, different questions each time. In order I got Aston Villa, Swansea and Liverpool. The Swansea questions seemed to fit me better because the others I voted more ‘none’.

    Any way it goes I’m still a Rover.

    1. I know the press release says, ” and AT&T U-verse, Cablevision’s Optimum, Comcast’s Xfinity TV, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Suddenlink and Verizon FiOS will make all Premier League games available through TV Everywhere”. ————- and “TV Everywhere” being the NBC app… But there is still no change on the app’s interface. There is still no option to select “Cox” as one of the providers.

      Anyways, just as long as that option is up before the start of the season.

      *fingers crossed*

    2. And does anyone know if the games that are on at 10:00am will have a “replay” feature??

      Obviously I’d like to go back and watch as many of those games as possible, and it would be great to get confirmation regarding whether or not we will be able to replay those games throughout the day/week.

      If no replay, how is anyone supposed to watch these games? Ha

      You would need seven devices to watch them all simultaneously…


      Anyone have anything in regards??


      1. If there is no replay option, you aren’t providing “every game”. I can only watch two matches a day. Is this feature coming?

  4. I said I have a team already and it checked my Facebook account and it said I was a true Chelsea fan. It must see how many Chelsea centric things I Like on Facebook.

  5. The new NBC Sports app didn’t help me a bit. No matter what I did I kept getting stuck with The Dallas Cowboys…. odd

      1. Hey now Harry, I know the Browns are the worst franchise in all sports, but take pity – your boys did used to actually “be” them.

  6. The big teams American sports equivalent:

    Man Utd is the New York Yankees as they are the biggest team in the sport.

    Liverpool is the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool is kinda like England’s Boston. Use to be the best but is still one of the biggest teams in the game with a passionate sport.

    Arsenal are the New York Knicks. Used to be a good team with great players in the 1990s and early 2000s but not so great now. loads of cool celebrity fans and Spike Lee supports both teams.

    Chelsea are the LA Lakers. The glamorous side that used to be the dominate force, but an aging team has led to them to a slight decline. Also coached by the Phil Jackson of soccer Jose Mourinho.

    Man City are the Miami Heat. They used to be a minor team but now have by far the most talented team. David Silva and Yaya Toure are the Dwayne Wade and LeBron James of the Premier League.

    Newcastle are the Chicago Cubs. A big team in a big city, with a passionate support, but haven’t won anything in a long long time.

    Everton are the Mets, not much trophies recently and dwarfed by their neighbours.

    Spurs are the Cowboys because they have a lot of money, have a big reputation, but can’t recapture they great days of the past.

    1. That’s a pretty solid rundown if I do say so myself. Much as I hate to admit that City has turned into something akin to that fountainhead of evil known as the Miami Heat.

    2. I’d make Arsenal the Dallas Cowboys more than the Knicks, come to think, but the Cubs (last won in 1908 I think) is a great one for Newcastle (early 20’s IIRC)

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