Is Gareth Bale a Signing Real Madrid Even Need?

Just when you thought Real Madrid was having a relatively quiet summer on the transfer front, Gareth Bale’s name pops up in the Spanish papers and every outlet is trying to one up the other in providing “up to the minute” updates on the situation. Everything from the transfer fee, Bale’s demands, and potential players Spurs would get in return has dominated the headlines.  Assuming that a deal is imminent, is Gareth Bale a signing Real Madrid need?  Is he worth the reported fees being bandied about?

To answer the first question, one needs to look at the current Real Madrid squad.  The squad is loaded with attacking midfielders and wingers. Ozil, Isco, Modric, Kaka, di Maria, Jese, and Cristiano Ronaldo — they’re all players who occupy the attacking midfield and wings. Without Bale, Carlo Ancelotti already faces a selection headache trying to fit these players in his starting 11.  Bale is a talented player, but it’s hard to imagine what he would add that Ronaldo isn’t already providing. Like Ronaldo, Bale is a finisher and has never been seen as a playmaker. As a direct replacement for Ronaldo, I could see why a move would be considered.  Given that Ronaldo has already announced that he’s staying for at least another season, signing Bale would be redundant and could cause issues with the balance of the squad.

A potential Bale signing also hurts the development of Real’s young players. Alvaro Morata and Jese have been impressive in tournaments this summer and have bright futures ahead. Isco was just signed and there were already questions about where he would fit in with Ozil and Modric in the fold.  There’s also Angel di Maria, who struggled last season, but is still a fantastic player when on form.  If the club is focusing on developing youth from the Cantina and building a solid Spanish based core, signing Bale does nothing to encourage that. Instead, it harbors back to the Galacticos policy Perez had during his first term as club president. That policy had a disastrous impact on the club as Barcelona overtook Real Madrid during that time. Real Madrid have a world class attack, and adding Gareth Bale is an expensive luxury the club do not need.

Is Gareth Bale worth the reported fee of $150 million? Despite his talents and success, he is not worth more than Cristiano Ronaldo.  Bale’s career, while clearly on the upswing, has produced one great season. He certainly has the potential to one of the best players in the world, but he is not worth what he’s being reported to be sold for. The other factor to consider is Bale’s injury history. Bale’s injury record is far from ideal, last season notwithstanding. Injuries cannot be predicted, but Bale has had back, hamstring, and ankle issues throughout his career. He has missed significant portions of the last 4 seasons and at $150 million, that’s a lot for a player with an injury record like his.

Gareth Bale is a wonderful player whose best days are clearly ahead of him.  He’s relatively young, explosive, and has proven over the last year to be a great match winner.  However, his talents would be wasted at Real Madrid because Ronaldo, a similar type of player, is still there, better, and at his peak.  In addition, paying so much for a player who has only managed one great season is wasteful and foolish. Real Madrid does not need Gareth Bale at this time and especially not at the price tag being thrown around.

15 thoughts on “Is Gareth Bale a Signing Real Madrid Even Need?”

  1. Bale and Cristiano are not incompatible, but having them on the field at the same tiem is not optimal. When playing their best in their best roles they are very similar players. Even if you put one on each side that means one obscenely expensive and talented player is carrying water for the other and not be used to his maximum potential. I know Bale can be moved to a more central position behind the striker but that is not where he is at his best, then that means Ozil will have to be moved or sat, and he has been one of the best Madrid players of the last few years.

    That said the reason I really don’t think those two can coexist is that Cristiano Ronaldo as a hyper-sensitive egomaniac with a mental frailty that matches his physical talents. Let Gareth Bale score 3 jaw-dropping goals from freekicks in the first month of the season and I assure you we will see stories in the Spanish press about how Cristiano doesn’t “feel appreciated, or loved,” and all that nonesense.

  2. Real need do bale, believe in bale For the pass 3 years we eliminat semi final so real need world best to help CR which I don’t why u people are just talking in fact perez love this club more u guys stupid Author

  3. Real do need bale, so we believe in bale For the pass 3 years we are eliminate in semi final, need few changes so real need world best to help CR which bale I don’t understand why u people are just talking, in fact perez love this club more u guys stupid Author Bale is so expensive who cares is not ur money fool. Sut up, gerrout

  4. Lets be fair to the lad He’s had more than one good season. The last two seasons he’s been spurs best player.

  5. Bale has played as an attacking left back in the past, even occasionally for spurs, and since Coentrao is rumoured to be part of the deal, that may be the role Madrid are intending for him.

  6. I think you make very valid points and as a Tottenham supporter I sure as hell would love him to stay but I think the most important reason Real may want Bale is to stay toe to toe with Barcelona – They signed Neymar so Real feels the need to go one up them.

  7. LoL…it’s an opinion piece so good for you, but still…lol…it’s like the author has only watched bale for the last 2 years…

    Add to that the naivety in believing a players valuation is based on their on field production alone is a joke case in point..David Beckham.

    So many poorly thought out articles about Bale…

    Anyone else the the AVB press conference from today? Like I said £125m cash with 90% upfront or go sit back down and buy the biter.


    1. Bale is no where near Beckams level of commercialism. Becks had a trebel season was Ucl winner won prem 3 times in a row and finished second in the Ballon dor voting all of which Bale has never accomplished in his career. To say hes worth 125 million is ludicrous. Ronaldo led Utd to two straight Ucl finals and three prem titles in a row and had a goal scoring record to put Bale to shame and,he was worth 80 million and he won the ballon dor. Bale is nowhere near ronaldos level. Ronaldo was\is a marketing phenom and hes still worth 45 million less than Bale? When Bale achiebes all that Ronaldo has then he can command such fees. Its all the British players these days you cant buy any that look like a future talent for less than 20 million pounds.

  8. Dust:
    I’ve followed Bale his entire career. He really didn’t start coming on until the 09-10 season. His 2010-11 and 11-12 seasons were very good but not the level of his past season. When I say one great season, that’s what I mean.

    Of course player performance is not the be all or end all of transfer value. I know that. I just made my point that Bale isn’t worth the money that’s being quoted all over the news.

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