Wenger Says Real Madrid’s £87m Bid For Gareth Bale Is A Joke; Bale to Miss Monaco Match

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that Real Madrid’s £87million bid for Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale is a joke. Meanwhile, Spanish media are reporting that Gareth Bale has asked not to be included in tomorrow’s friendly against AS Monaco, so the player can avoid injury and his agent can finalize a deal.

Spanish newspaper AS reports that Bale’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, told the paper that Bale will remain in London while the Tottenham Hotspur squad travel to the Mediterranean for tomorrow’s friendly. The paper adds that Tottenham Hotspur have agreed with Bales’s wishes. For readers in the United States, the friendly between AS Monaco and Spurs will be shown live on beIN SPORT at 12:30pm ET Saturday.

Wenger, meanwhile, is upset at Real Madrid’s lack of adherence to the Financial Fair Play rules, saying:

“It makes a joke of it. It’s quite amazing that in the year where the financial fair play comes in, the football world has gone completely crazy.

“You wonder what kind of impact and effect it has on the football world. It looks like it has made everybody worse than before.

“It is never good to lose a big player. He is a British player and I believe it is important that the Premier League keeps the best players.”

9 thoughts on “Wenger Says Real Madrid’s £87m Bid For Gareth Bale Is A Joke; Bale to Miss Monaco Match”

  1. 87 million for Gareth Bale is an absolute joke. But, coming from horse’s mouth who kept on bringing French players to win the league now speaks of British players needing to stay in Premier League.

    Wake up and smell the coffee Wenger. You are in the past and that’s a dangerous thing since it’s been 9 years and counting since you have won absoultely BIG ZERO.

    1. I don’t think you can blame Wenger. Over the last decade Arsenal chose to spend wisely and modestly and not accrue large amounts of debt. This was right after the Emirates was built so it made a lot of sense at the time. Unfortunately the game changed around them and in this day in age, you need to spend the uber bucks to remain at the top. Why do you think Man City has surpassed them? Not because of coaching, I can tell you. You can blame your club for not spending billions each transfer window if you like but but you should be happy with your club I think, they’ve managed to keep an air of respectability about them and who knows, one day you might have a rich Saudi King to buy you the Gareth Bales of the world and wouldn’t that make you happy?

      1. “Over the last decade Arsenal chose to spend wisely and modestly and not accrue large amounts of debt”

        For whose benefit is this? It’s really astonishing whenever I hear Arsenal supporters saying that the club chose to spend wisely while it really doesn’t matter if they don’t win anything.

        Jesus man!! Don’t give me this. I want Arsenal to win cups. That’s why I support them. Not because they are spending wisely or because they are paying off stadium or whatever crap they are feeding off. I am not gullible to fall for Wenger’s antics. I am not one of those Arsenal supporters that says losing is okay as long as financial stability is maintained.

        1. Yeah right mate,don’t worry about spending more than you have, it will only send you bankrupt,get real,you should be in charge of running the country.you can only spend what you have and we have had f all money because we wanted a new state of the art stadium,now it’s paid of we can spend what we earn and no more if not your in danger of doing a Leeds,Rangers.

  2. Bale’s agent is named Jonathan Barnett, not Barnes.
    If AS can’t get that right, how much stock can we put into this particular story?

  3. I bet Wenger grumbles about how much a pint of milk costs nowadays…however, I tend to agree that Bale is overrated and not worth over a 40 mil transfer fee.

  4. Players are not priced on just their ability, why do you think RM don’t want Suarez,his commercial viability is limited.

    Bale is a quality player who has massive commercial appeal. Thats what raises prices and that is ontop of his incedibleability, and what has stopped Levy and co just saying yes to £100m. Because over 3 years he will bring in double that in revenues and free PR / exposure globally.

    Thats just the reality of the modern game, RM have been justifying major purchases this way for over 10 years now.

    Bale is worth a lot more than the £87m quoted above.

    As for Wenger! LOL…
    The last thing he wants is for his rivals who have already strengthened to get £100m extra to spend. There’s been 1 measly stinking point in it and down to the last day for the past 2 years, £100m to Spurs for player investment could mean it costs Farsenal a UCL spot and the £30m that comes with it…of course he doesn’t want it to happen…

    I don’t want it to happen but not because of the financial reasons.
    He is a game changer, I love seeing him in a Spurs shirt, every time he gets the ball outside the box and puts it on his left foot you know something special could happen.

    Plus at 17 we bought him and he was labeled a flop, Spurs have nurtured him from left back to free roaming attacking monster!…


  5. Wenger is an idiot(or pretending to be one). He’s acting like he doesn’t know that. RM makes so much revenue that they can actually pay the 87 million pound for Bale and actually respect FFP rules. And lets not forget they sold Higuain for a lot of money too.

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