Clint Dempsey Arrives in United States For Talks With Everton

Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Clint Dempsey has arrived in the United States for transfer discussions with Everton about a potential move to the Merseyside club, according to a report.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez and club officials are currently in Los Angeles for the International Champions Cup. Everton plays Real Madrid tomorrow at Dodger Stadium in the semi-final of the tournament.

Dempsey is currently surplus to requirements at White Hart Lane this summer after Tottenham Hotspur have signed central midfielder Paulinho, winger Nacer Chadli and striker Roberto Soldado.

If Dempsey is able to join Everton, there’s no guarantee that the talented US international will have a guaranteed starting spot on a team that features stars such as Marouane Fellaini, Nikica Jelavic, Victor Anichebe, Kevin Mirallas and others. However, it all depends on how Martinez will want to use Dempsey, as an attacking midfielder in the hole or up front as a striker.

What’s your opinion? Would you welcome a move by Clint Dempsey to play for Everton? Does Everton have a chance of qualifying for the UEFA Champions League, which was one of the reasons why Dempsey moved from Fulham to Tottenham last summer? Have your say in the comments section below.

38 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Arrives in United States For Talks With Everton”

  1. Portends Fellaini to rejoin Moyes, then?

    Seems like he would be a better fit in the central role for Everton under Martinez than Fellaini would.

    1. Would love him at Everton, but the Northwest would explode if he went to Sounders. To have the USA national team caption playing for one of the strongest MLS fan bases would be great for soccer in the US.

  2. I hope he completes this move so I can get over the fact that he plays for the Spuds. With Bale leaving (admit it) and Dempsey’s departure there’s going to be less plastic Spuds supporters in the States.

    1. what a mug…you are either a Chelski fan, who plastic fans are only rivaled by that of the MK Dons or a you’re a Gooner who is suffering from Wengeritis. If you were a supporter of any of the other muggy clubs you’d just sssshhh.

      1. Dust, have to admit, not all American fans are like Steve Nash… They where just Duce fans. Gotta tell ya when Johnny Spector left West Ham, it was so good to get rid of all of the plastics hammers 😉

    1. Granted. But he is a very good player who is undervalued by a lot of people.

      I think this will be great for both Clint and Everton (and I say this as a Red who would prefer he move elsewhere).

      1. I don’t care what team you support or what country you’re from but Clint Dempsey is not a world class player.

        I’m not saying he’s not a good player but the way Wynalda talked about him you would think he was the second coming of pele. He will do well at Everton under Martinez with less pressure and more playing time.

        1. Exactly. He’s a serviceable European player. He would make most squads and contribute.

          That’s actually a good thing.

          1. “Multiple sources within Major League Soccer have informed NBC Sports’ ProSoccerTalk that Tottenham Hotspur will receive a $9 million transfer fee for the U.S. captain’s services – roughly 95 percent of the £6 million Spurs reportedly paid for Dempsey last summer. To complete the unexpected move, Seattle have guaranteed the 30-year-old attacker $32 million over the next four seasons, making him one of the most expensive players in league history.

            The $9 million transfer fee will also be the highest paid in league history and the second major purchase made by the Sounders this summer.”

    2. WTF does world class mean, what point are you trying to make? How do people come up with this stuff? By your standards there are only 8-9 world class players in the world then. I seriously doubt Dempsey stays up at night worrying if he will be considered world class one day. Also, if you were listening that intently to Wynalda in the first place then your opinions carry very little weight in my book.

      1. Judging from your comment i can tell that you are pretty stupid. He didnt have to be listening intently to Wynalda or put much weight in his opinion. On the contrary Dempsey is not over valued hes quite over rated. Wynalda bigged him up for scoring the winner and equaliser in the games against Utd yet both goals were tap ins and he was poor in both games. If i were an Everton fan i would be mad that they would go for a player of Dempseys caliber when they have a young Ross Barkley who will be a much better player than Dempsey on the bench and they have spanish connections now so why not buy Oliver Torres or get a two year loan from Atletico for a kid who is better than Dempsey. Take away his nationality and he doesnt get half the praise he gets.

          1. Yeah i guess i do because i have the nerve to admit that Dempsey is getting so much praise because hes American. If he was from say Uruguay he would not get all this press. Its not even like hes a world beater on his day. Oliver Torres is a better player than Clint Dempsey. You dont watch spanish football or Atletico hence your ignorance.

          2. No, I think I made it pretty clear. When you feel the need to start a comment with ‘you’re stupid’ you reveal to everyone your own lack of intelligence. As I stated above I’ve seen your other comments and your lack of football knowledge is only outdone by your immaturity

  3. Gaffer, are you joking? You really think that Everton has a chance of CL qualifying with the squad they have? They will finish up eighth at best.

    1. I didn’t say I thought they could do it, but Ben Kenwright and Roberto Martinez are confident they can crack the top four.

  4. not a bad player.We are supposed to be playing a 343 formation this season.will be good back up for mirallas and pienaar.may get in the way of barkley though,think we should concentrate on back up for gibson and fellaini though.we have also got naismith,deulofeu and gueye to back mirallas and pienaar up.

  5. I like Clint a lot and he scored some vital goals for us last season, i feel his playing time will be less this time around because he just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in AVB’s 433 formation.

    I’d be pleased if he stays and would wish him all the best if he leaves.

  6. According to the report twitters has said he flew to San Francisco. Maybe Levy has convinced Real Madrid to take Dempsey instead of Bale?

      1. Chris – Based on your most recent article with the quote from a Seattle exec – would it be fair to say that you saying he met up with Everton really had no merit?

        1. Yes, it appears that way. To be fair, I didn’t say he was heading to Everton. I reported that the Metro newspaper indicated he was going to the States to speak with Everton, but that doesn’t look to be the case now.

    1. Maybe Juventus then? Or maybe a layover to Seattle for the Sounders? I guess we really just don’t know.

      The tweet that started it all:

      And from this he is clearly meeting with Everton – “news” sources love transfer season, any excuse to make up a story with nothing more than a fan taking a picture with a player in an airport.

  7. I think Dempsey is best at a club where he’ll be the main man. He was never going to do well at spurs and I don’t think he’ll do well at Everton. He’s done everything a player of his level can do in the premier league. He’ll only ever do well at a club the stature of a Fulham, so now I think is the time to move to the US and Seattle would be perfect for him with their fanbase etc.

    1. I think it’s a good move. One year before the world cup, he needs to play every game and just about every minute. No guarantee he gets that in the Premier League, unless he goes to a team that will be relegated.

      Also great for MLS, but would be nice if he went to a team that doesn’t average 35000 per game who could use his publicity. (cough…maybe like my Union…cough)

  8. Watch this space for the ‘Jozy Aldidore loaned out to ________Championship side. Dempsey had a good run at Fulham but US players aren’t quite top-club quality just yet.

  9. what a joke he knows he can coast in the mls and be a star where in the EPL he had to bust ass to be average.looking for the easy paycheck sad to see another Yank not striving for the top League.oh well Dempsey lost a lot of face the way he left Fulham.i thought he was going to tell his side of the story guess i missed it or he never told it.

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