Why Gareth Bale Should Leave Tottenham For Real Madrid

After a breathtaking season in which he won the PFA Player and Young Player of the Year awards plus the Football Writers Association Player of the Year, Gareth Bale has been attracting a lot of interest from some of the biggest clubs in the world, most notably Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Madrid’s latest pursuit of the Welshman has become relentless. From players like Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas describing how good Bale is and how well he would fit into Madrid’s team. Then there’s the former icon and arguably the best player to play the game, Zinedine Zidane, who has described Bale as the player who he most enjoyed watching last season. Then there’s the media. Spanish newspaper Marca has a history of printing false stories. But the paper is continuing to print stories of a move for Bale.

This is a tactic that Madrid have used before in their pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo. Information gets leaked to the paper to speculate a move, key players in the side say they would like to see the player at the club and the legends get involved saying they also want the player at the club.

It seemed that Bale was set to stay at Tottenham for another season, but after the latest interest from Madrid, it’s been reported that Bale now wants to talk to Madrid and seek a move away from White Hart Lane. And why wouldn’t he. Bale would have the chance to play with some of the best players in the world in the UEFA Champions League. Competing against the best players and the best teams in Europe will only make Bale a better player. There’s also the chance to be competing for trophies on a regular basis.

Competing in the Champions League is something that Tottenham cannot offer Bale. After missing out on the final day of the season, Tottenham will have to take part in the Europa League. Bale will get nothing out of playing on Thursday nights. He’s outgrown that competition and he needs to be playing amongst the best.

A problem that Bale may have is his age. Some people think that Bale is too young to make the move abroad and should stay in England. Bale is 24 and has been around since making his debut when he was 16 at Southampton.

Michael Owen made the move to Real Madrid when he was 24. Owen openly admits that he struggled to adjust to life in Spain. Owen told BBC Radio 5 Live,

“Any player going from over here to Spain, it’s a lot different to what you imagine. It’s a slow pace of life and you need to get things in order off the pitch. It’s very difficult.”

After just one year at the Bernabeu, Owen returned to England with Newcastle.

It’s a tough situation for Tottenham and Daniel Levy. They don’t want to lose their best player but if Bale wants to leave then they will have to sell at the right price. That price seems to be of a world record fee. If Tottenham receive a world record bid, they’ll be silly to reject it. The amount of money they could receive for Bale would help Tottenham bring in 3-4 world-class players. As bad as it would be to lose Bale, Tottenham could actually improve as a squad.

An opportunity to play for Real Madrid may only come around once in a lifetime, and if this is Bale’s opportunity, he has to take it.

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  1. Another poor cut and paste effort. It’s a shoody attempt when the total lack of substantiation and attributable comments are ignored.
    “it’s been reported that Bale now wants to talk to Madrid and seek a move away from White Hart Lane” So NO source but it must be true. I know what they used to mean when they said the gutter press.

    1. Bale has told AVB that he wants to leave the club, according to talkSPORT. And even though the quotes were fabricated, Marca is reporting that Bale wants to move to Real Madrid.

      What evidence do you have to prove that Bale wants to stay at Tottenham?

      1. Apart from the fact the only words that have come from Gareths mouth is his commitment to spurs. How do the press know what he said to Levy or AVB when the press have no access to the training ground or levy’s office.

      2. The only real evidence we have is that Bale dosen’t want to leave, Marca has been proven to fabricate stories, talkSPORT has given no sources no quotes. No one has. Maybe he does want to go but there is no evidence he does, all his quotes say he has.
        I really expected more from this site, you guys normally are very balanced and don’t harp on rumors. Even the quote today from Carlo shows that he isn’t sure what is going on.

          1. The numerous interviews he has given since the end of last season where he speaks about looking forward to helping to improve Spurs next season, and to mounting a stronger challenge. Just go back to all the articles written 2 weeks ago


            They aren’t 100% but they are better than the evidence being sprayed around now. Also I’m curious what the media reaction would be if Bale was at a Manchester club, or Liverpool

          2. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/may/09/gareth-bale-tottenham-hotspur

            look it would not be shocking if Bale has decided to make the move for many reasons covered before, recently-but there’s nothing out of his or the teams mouth saying this -only 3rd party speculation (which is now what you are contributing to)
            It also would not shock me if he stayed- for reasons covered many times before- there are compelling arguments both ways but Gaffer you are being disingenuous if you think you are reporting fact based information rather than opinion. You might be right but it’s a guess not knowledge

            1. I didn’t write this article, but the articles I’ve been writing are based on reports in the press.

              The article you linked to is from May 9 — almost three months ago.

          3. OK Gaffer play your own game of not taking responsibility for what your site posts- show me the proof of Bale wanting to leave which comes directly from Bale or the team since my article was printed?

            my source may be dated but it’ at least a source and there is nothing of substance to support the other position- sorry in journalism school that’s how sources work-

            of course it’s an opinion piece…blah blah blah -yes an opinion piece based on rehashing the same rumor mill stuff of non fact based reporting- Fox News is hiring mate you’ll fit right in

            1. We can play this game all day. All I know is that talkSPORT revealed that Bale told Andre Villas-Boas this week that he wants to leave the club. Meanwhile, Carlo Ancelotti said in the last 24 hours that Real Madrid are in talks to find a solution about signing Bale. This past weekend, Villas-Boas refused to deny that Spurs had received an offer from Real Madrid for Bale.

              I take complete responsibility for what my site posts, but what I’m reporting is based on the above facts. Whether those facts are true or not, there’s no way to know, but we’ll find out soon enough.

          4. uh facts are facts- by definition facts are true- you don’t even know what a fact is by this statement-if you don’t know whether a “fact is true or not” it’s not a fact and that my friend is an actual fact

            1. gbewing, again, we can play this game all day. The fact is that talkSPORT reported that Bale told AVB he wanted to leave the club. Whether that’s true or not, the only people who know are Bale, AVB and the bloke from talkSPORT. The fact is that Ancelotti said that. And the fact is that AVB refused to deny the report. You’re mincing words.

  2. Tottenham does not “have to sell”. Levy has proven he is willing to say no already with Modric.

    He will sell if it makes sense and the price is the right amount and paid in the manner (cash upfront) that he wants.

  3. “arguably the best player to play the game, Zinedine Zidane”…no…pele…messi…cruijff…not even close

    You have to be a Utd or Madrid fan? Once in a lifetime LOL

    No we don’t have to sell at the right price, ask Modric or even Lewandowski at dortmund…

    8-10 games lol UCL is not the draw everyone thinks, or Farsenal would have far more success in landing players.

    Its an opinion piece so fine its your opinion, but its poor IMO and has no real compelling argument, RM are pulling a Wenger and just placating fans…that is the reality.

    1. Is it possible for you to go without mentioning “Farsenal” or Wegner? You are more obsessed with them than most of the Gooners out there.

        1. Not new to football. In this case there was zero opportunityto mock your rival. There is no doubt that you will find a way to connect the dots and make this all about AFC.

  4. Disagree completely. Why should world soccer fans encourage players to move this ridiculous Duopoly that Barca and Madrid have over the Spanish government? If Bale goes to Real, sure, he’ll complete for trophies and possibly win one or 10. Big deal. He’ll just be another name in a long line of players looking for the biggest $$ paycheck.

    Stay at Spurs and he could become a legend. With Paulinho & Soldado added to an already very good team, I think Spurs are easily pegged to finish in the top-3 in the Prem next year, and voila, Champions League in 2014-15.

  5. Here’s a suggestion for this site and all journalist organizations.

    Why not ask Real directly about the amount they have bid, ask to see the written offer?
    if they don’t show it to you then you van crucify them for not being able to show this magical world record bod everyone is saying they have.

    Give me details…not guesses…wait you can’t…because it doesn’t exist…what were he odds.

    1. The article was a piece on why Bale should choose to go to Real and not whether he’s officially moved on or not. It’s an opinion and the article clearly stated that the information he had was reported. It was never mentioned that he was basing his article on factual information. As it’s an opinion, the article was fine by me.

      1. Good for you Jon…

        I acknowledged the opinion piece in an earlier post, look up!

        This post was about the general rubbish that inspires the “opinion piece”.

        If people asked facts the “Opinion Piece” would be able to quote them instead of quoting 3rd party observers to the situation as well as their own recollection of the difficulty in moving countries” in the same quoted interview, Owen says Bale should NOT go, but that not quoted.

  6. Bale would be foolish to leave Spurs. A one dimensional player he will be found out in La Liga and he lacks what RM need the most a winning mentality. Spurs on the other hand would be foolish not to sell him at this hyper-inflated price.

  7. So instead of these rehash Bale articles which I could go anywhere to read, how bout something along the lines of the kind of insightful journalism I have come to expect from World Soccer/EPL Talk. How about an analysis of Real’s blatant tapping up, their parasitic relationship with Marca. Or how about how Real trying to syphon up another talent that they don’t really need is bad for football as whole?

        1. No you wouldn’t you are just making an excuse. I have been a graduate student. You could make the time. You just don’t want to be called out. People like you are a dime a dozen on here. Whenever Christopher suggest they submit a piece they always make excuses. You are no different.

  8. I truly believe moving to Madrid now will harm Bale’s career, we all know what they are capable of, with their under performing ‘superstars’. He is a slow starter, he was for us, but we stuck by him, (it’s called loyalty, something that is lacking in football these days). If he does go to Madrid he will be a world record signing, and that means pressure to perform from the start. There will also be very high expectations from the Madrid fans. So, what happens if he doesn’t settle in straight away and doesn’t score 20+ goals in his first season? What happens when he isn’t given a free role to roam around the pitch, as he is at Spurs? If he does go I wish him all the best. Lets just hope Levy insists on a buy back clause as part of the deal!

    Of course this is all hypothetical. As NOTHING official has come from Spurs, or Bale. So until it does, all the same crap will be regurgitated time and again.


  9. I bet Ronaldo is happy with winning one la liga and a copa del rey in four years. Meanwhile Utd have been to a Ucl final won a league cup and has 2 prem titles. Had he stayed Utd would be 4 time defending Epl champions and who knows how far we would have gotten with him in the past 4 years in the Ucl. All i know he regrets it everyday.

    1. yes let’s talk about United, let me get my popcorn and hear all about the legends again and again and how they only play home grown talent -never poach another teams players it’s all destiny isn’t it

      clearly this article is begging for some ManU hype

    2. Perhaps he is enjoying a warmer climate and more friendly environment. Perhaps you are forgetting the kind of treatment he was getting in the UK.

    3. Ask former yellow Kagawa how he likes Manc U. He came to his senses and realized that he had it best in Dortmund, where the class of the Bundesliga exposed Tici-taca for what it was. Götze and Lewa will both come to the same conclusion. #inJürgenWeTrust

      1. I agree with you BVB fan. We wasted a player as gifted as Kagawa by forcing him to the left hand side and then not playing football in a manner conducive to his skill set. I dont think that came out right but say you buy Crouch and you try to play tiki taka with him it wouldnt work because hes more of a high ball crossing type of player. GBewing clearly Utd and Ronaldo are mentioned so i dont get the whole angry post. All i did was write a rebuttal to what the author wrote. Just be happy that Spurs are relevant again.

  10. Hmmm… feel like writing a piece about what my sources tell me is a sure thing… Suarez for Bale transfer. Then the Fenway Sports Group will sell out to the Spanish Government. Then the Spanish Government shuffles Bale to Real Madrid.

    Sure thing.

  11. Why should Gareth Bale leave Tottenham for Real Madrid?

    Because long ago, the majority of athletes lost the concept of loyalty and Tottenham will never be as good a Real Madrid.

  12. It’s funny how when the Rooney saga was all over the papers for weeks everyone here believed every word that was printed but when it involves one of your own players it becomes everything the papers say is bull$hit.

    It’s going to be fun watching Bale crack under the pressure at Madrid if he eventually goes. I’m sure it won’t be long before Ramos or Ronaldo turn people against him. Ronaldo breaks all kinds of scoring records in the last 2-3 seasons and the fans still get on his back so imagine what they will do when the find out bale only comes with one leg.

    Either way signing Bale will be good for Utd as Ronnie’s ego won’t stand for another player costing more than him paving the way for him to come home next season or on a free in 2015 when his deal is up.

    1. Remember that when it comes to football, if it’s against United, it’s correct. If it’s against their club it’s incorrect. Typical loony logic.

  13. This is an opinion piece just like you would see in editorial page in a paper. Some of you on here really need to get a grip and a life. I admire the people who have the balls to submit articles to this site. Most of the people who live on this site don’t. My suggestion if you don’t what you are seeing go elsewhere or write you own piece and submit it.

    1. You would understand the ridicule more than most Matthew, after the “Levy is bad for spurs” article you wrote last year. That thread made me cringe for you mate. Anyway Bale stays at Spurs, i have it from a good source.

    2. Here’s the only problem with this article:
      The title is “Why Gareth Bale Should Leave Tottenham for Real Madrid”

      The problem is that the author in 8ish paragraphs of writing only offers 1 reason – Champions League. I agree it’s a great reason for Gareth to leave but what other reasons are there? Money? Weather? Beautiful Women? A Chance to play with Ronaldo? Trophies?

      You mention it’s an opinion piece but I question where the opinion is. It seems more about how they (bale, tottenham, rm) got here, how great bale is, how great madrid is, 1 reason bale should leave, 1 reason for bale to stay and Tottenham would be foolish to refuse.

      There are great articles on here that introduce great topics and offer great opinions. This just isn’t one of them.

      You also love to say “Why don’t we write something?” That’s like complaining that a meal is terrible and the chef telling you to make your own meal… It doesn’t work that way. You go to a restaurant and expect good food just as you come here to expect a good read. When it doesn’t happen you have a right to voice your thoughts. Not for once does it imply that I could do better.

        1. First – please stop acting like a child and just challenging anyone who voices there opinion on a piece to write an article.It’s not bitching, it’s commenting which is what comment boxes are for last I checked. It’s also not fear, but some of us actually recognize that we should leave the writing to the writers. This self awareness from others would probably cut down on articles such as this.

          Additionally, I stated appreciation to Chris on his recent coverage of the NBC studio info – Great stuff that you can’t get elsewhere and the reason I keep coming back.

          1. I think I’ve already stated that I’m not a writer therefor not writing an article so I’m not sure what your point is. I’m not claiming I can do any better I’m simply stating my opinion.

            Do you actually have a point?

          1. A bad meal doesn’t = a bed restaurant.
            A bad professor doesn’t = a bad university.
            A bad tv show doesn’t = a bad tv station. A bad article doesn’t = a bad magazine/blog etc… Sometimes you just need to take of your blinders and desire to incite argument instead of debate and recognize something for what it is or isn’t independent of something else. In this case a single poor article on an otherwise wonderful site.

  14. Here is a crazy thought – Maybe Bale should stay at Tottenham for… wait for it… THE MONEY!

    Gareth Bale is arguably the most popular and best footballer in England. By all accounts he is also a stand up lad and the most marketable in the Premier League. The Endorsements have started and with BT sports, Adidas and he has trademarked his “11 of hearts” celebration. I think it’s fair to say that he is the new face of the Premier League and stands to profit accordingly with English Endorsements.

    A move to Real Madrid would make him play 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th fiddle to the likes of messi, ronaldo, neymar, Iniesta, Xavi etc…

    I don’t think Bale is as influenced by money as others so this is most likely a moot point but interesting thought nonetheless.

      1. I provided another reason why gareth bale should leave tottenham. I would think this would be beneficial to the conversation.

        I must have missed something or you’re just very angry for no reason and resort to harassing others.

  15. Here’s my opinion piece: I want Bale to stay at Spurs because I watch the EPL… I can’t stand La Liga. So, if Bale moves, it’s just one less bad-as$ we get to see play week in/ week out.

    Bale will simply become something that us die-hard EPL fans only get to see on the occasional highlight reel, instead of seeing him every single week playing in the best league on the planet.

    Bale and RM v. Real Sociedad = l a m e.

    Who cares? Lord knows I don’t.

    Bale and Tott v. Aresnal at the Emirates = Awesome.

    Just my opinion, but losing Bale would be exactly that for the EPL as a whole, a loss.

    The kid is frighteningly good… and to not get to watch him weekly anymore would simply be a shame. It’s funny that everyone always says, CL, CL, CL. That Bale would get to play CL football with RM… Got it. Check.

    But how about Garreth taking “the man’s way” back to that competition? How about he stays with the team that molded/crafted him into the player he is today, pulls up his boot-straps, and BATTLES with his fellow soldiers on the pitches of the EPL to “rightfully earn” a spot back into that elite competition… instead of taking the easy way out by being purchased by a squad that is already there.

    There comes satisfaction from knowing that you truly earned something… That you busted your as$ to get there. That is SPORT. Buying players for insane and laughable amounts of cash is the seedy and dirty side of this beautiful game.

    Garreth’s stock, in my book, would go up ten-fold if he came out and just plainly said, “I am a Spur. I’m staying. We have work to do. We WILL finish top four next year. Watch my work speak for itself.”

    That would be such a breath of fresh air.

    Instead, it’s just the same ‘ol “opinion pieces” about why Bale should go – based on lame phrases like “he’s outgrown Thursday night matches.”

    No he hasn’t. That is what his team “earned” last year. They did not earn a CL spot, but they did a Europa place.

    SO BE IT. That’s his teams lot this coming year. Bale should come out and bust his butt in that tourney (and win it) and in the EPL season (and make top four) because that is sport. They came up a bit short last year, but so what? Life goes on. You stick with your club and fight and claw your way back into the top four.

    To simply jump ship, from a warrior’s vessel, to a big glitzy cruise ship, just sits wrong with me.

    MAN UP, BALE. Stay with your club. Fight like a caged animal for one of those top four spots. Become captain. Take the reins and push you and your team-mates up to the upper echelon of the league. Make the CL this year as a true and loyal sportsman to the club that got you this far.

    EARN your spot. EARN your name. EARN your legacy. EARN THE LEGEND.



    C O Y S.

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