No Bids Received From Liverpool For Diego Costa Says Atletico Madrid

A club official from La Liga club Atletico Madrid has denied that the club has received any offers for Diego Costa despite speculation in the British press that Liverpool have made a £21.8million bid for the Brazilian striker.

According to Spanish newspaper AS, Atletico Madrid have rejected any possibility that the player will leave the club this summer, and that they expect him to play in Spain for the next season. The club have received no offers for Costa from either Liverpool or any other club.

Costa scored 20 goals in 44 games last season in Spain. The Guardian newspaper is claiming that Liverpool’s bid for Costa has triggered the player’s release clause.

Either Atletico Madrid are lying, or the British media have their facts wrong on this story. Which is it?

5 thoughts on “No Bids Received From Liverpool For Diego Costa Says Atletico Madrid”

    1. The story broke in the Liverpool Echo so it’s definitely true. The paper is tied to the club and it never bulls**ts about transfers..

      1. Very true but they’ve still been a bit off the mark in the past on the odd occasion. General rule of thumb with the Suarez/Arsenal bids… they were always leaked to an Echo reporter first and the stories went national from there.

  1. Guardian had it first followed very closely by the echo and then the BBC. All sources that would have checked with the club, and the matching details from all reports would indicate their source was in the club.
    Weird that it has been denied. Could of course be a simple matter of the spokeperson not having been informed, a right hand not knowing about left hand situation.
    Or it could be a very elaborate ruse to get Arsenal to turn their attention to a guy they had been looking at and away from Suarez.

    1. Arsenal can show their full hand to liverpool – he won’t be going there under any circumstances. The club genuinely do not want to sell to them. I’m not too sure he’s going to go anywhere this season – if we get the usual last minute drama on deadline day and the club do get late offers, it’ll be from Madrid or Chelsea IMO.

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