Carlo Ancelotti Confirms Real Madrid Are in Gareth Bale Talks: Daily Soccer Report

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that the Spanish club are in talks with Tottenham Hotspur to sign Gareth Bale.

Ancelotti, who’s in the United States preparing for his club’s match tonight against LA Galaxy in Phoenix, had this to say to the media:

“It is difficult to talk about Bale because at the moment he is not a Real Madrid player.

“I believe the club is in talks to find a solution and we will see what happens. I am not used to talking about players who are not in my team and it would not be right to do so.”

Some Tottenham Hotspur supporters have been denial the past week claiming that the reports that Bale wants to move to Real Madrid are fabrications. Hopefully now they can begin to realize that a deal for Bale is closer to being finalized.

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42 thoughts on “Carlo Ancelotti Confirms Real Madrid Are in Gareth Bale Talks: Daily Soccer Report”

    1. Denial regarding that report is understandable since the quotes are fabricated, but denial after the fact that AVB has refused to comment about the Bale transfer story, as well as repeated stories in reputable media such as The Guardian is what I’m talking about.

      1. Honestly I’m really not pleased with the reporting on this site.

        In denial? Even Ancelotti only “believes” they are in talks with Spurs about Bale. That doesn’t sound like a deal is “closer to being finalized” like you say.

        It sounds like NO one knows what is really going on so for you to make assumption that the deal is “close” makes you just as bad a journalist as MARCA.

        1. Ancelotti has admitted that the club are in talks with Spurs about Bale, so that would mean the deal is closer to being finalized compared to last week when all we read were rumors.

          If the speculation is untrue, why doesn’t Tottenham Hotspur issue a statement? And why did Andre Villas-Boas refuse to comment when asked whether Real Madrid had made an offer for Bale?

          1. Where has Ancelotti admitted that? Source please.

            The article you referenced above makes it sound like he has no idea whats going on.

            Why should Spurs or AVB have to comment on a rumor and speculation? Not to get political but perhaps this has a lot in common with Obama and the birth certificate. Commenting on a rumor even if totally unfounded only gives the rumor more legs.

            The bigger question is on the day the transfer window closes if Bale is still with Spurs will you apologize to Spurs fans for saying we are in “denial”?


          2. To be fair – there is no quote from Ancelotti in any source about being in talks with Spurs. With that said, as a Tottenham supporter I think it’s foolish to think that Bale doesn’t want to move to Madrid – it’s his boyhood team. Wanting to move there and forcing his way are two different things.
            The facts are there have been no quotes from anyone that Bale has requested to leave and/or that any bids have been tabled. One might reasonably put 2 and 2 together to see that it is likely Bale has voiced his desire to play for Madrid and Madrid has been in contact with Spurs. Will Bale play for Madird? Yes, but I don’t think anyone really knows if it’s this year, next or so on.

            1. Jason, Ancelotti says: ““It is difficult to talk about Bale because at the moment he is not a Real Madrid player. I believe the club is in talks to find a solution and we will see what happens.”

          3. I’m sorry Chris that doesn’t equate to being in talks with Spurs. Take a look at the following article from the BBC – same quotes and far less conclusions.
            People can speculate all they like but to date here are the only quotes we have.
            AVB – “He is a player that we are willing to continue to have, he’s a Tottenham player, he’s one of the most fantastic players in the world at the moment and we are counting on him for the future.””
            I can’t make any more comments because I made it during the press conference for this game, so I don’t want to repeat myself in all press conferences.”

            Then we have Ancelotti as already quoted. Those are the only quotes from anyone regarding this however, where Tottenham supporters are frustrated and rightfully so is that Marca (Real madrids voice) is publishing non-sourced stories that go as far as to say that Bale has demanded a transfer and the deal is done. Now other outlets are picking up those stories and running with them. It sounds like Real Madrid using their voice of Marca in hopes of Bale handing in a transfer request and reducing the $$ that he would be worth with doing so.

            The Frustration is not with Bale and if he has ambitions to play for Madrid, it’s the fabrication of stories picked up by every joe reporter.

            1. So do you honestly believe that Tottenham Hotspur are not in talks with Real Madrid over the sale of Gareth Bale?

          4. Just to add – You mentioned “some supporters have been in denial etc..” I mean, yes SOME… I would venture to say that SOME of any supporter group are delusional but from what I see The majority of Spurs supporters on the various online communities while they would love to have Bale stay are resigned to the probability that he will leave at some point and even possibly this window.

          5. Chris – I would assume that there has been some communication regarding it between the two clubs in some fashion. Real Madrids ex president Calderon stated “I think the president has all his eggs on the table just in case he can’t get the renewal of Cristiano. That is my impression” so maybe they’ve had talks saying well if Cristiano goes we’ll come after Bale.
            The point I’ve made all along is that there is no evidence to suggest one way or the other.

            So my question si where does the following statement come from? “Hopefully now they can begin to realize that a deal for Bale is closer to being finalized.”?
            I mean at least with Soldado there were pictures of agents and people meeting. There’s been no evidence of any meetings taking place so to say that a deal is closer to being finalized is dramatizing a situation.

            1. It’s an assumption I made based on the fact that Ancelotti is talking openly about Real Madrid being interested in signing Bale. This is the first time he’s said anything about Bale, so the assumption is that the possibility of Bale coming to Spain is progressing.

        2. Being mad on the Internet doesn’t invalidate the numerous reports about Bale to Madrid. If they weren’t true AVB, Bale, Levy, someone would be quoted saying as much.

          1. kind of like AVB was first choice to take over at Barcelona – perfect example of Internet herd mentality being spot on

            If he goes he goes if he stays he stays but this site knows nothing of either

            1. gbewing, no site knows nothing of either right now. Bale and THFC aren’t talking so until they do, newspapers will try to speculate or write about what they hear from agents or anonymous sources.

  1. I wouldn’t pay $3 a year to read the sun let alone $3 a week.

    Sad news about Kenny Sampsons situation but hard for to feel sorry for him. Its hard for me to believe any of the other top leagues have so many top ex pros that end up down and out like they do in England.

  2. Andre did comment, he said I have answered this before, nothing has changed quit asking me. I’m paraphrasing of course, but if it was so far along (and I’m not saying it wont happen, why is Zidane begging Bale in the public and the press to put in a transfer request. I think there is a lot of hype here and a desire to “manufacture” a big acrimonious transfer to sell papers and get page views. Bale seemed very settled at Spurs at the end of last season and the early summer. If he really has had such a huge about face because of all the Real quotes and interviews then Real is guilty of tapping up a player big time.

  3. I dont think there’s any way Real is willing to pay GBP 85-100MM for Bale. They are creating the media firestorm in the hopes Bale formally requests a transfer, at which point they hope Spurs will sell for a smaller figure. Hopefully Levy holds the line here.

    1. Your comment needs to go on the Telegraph’s website. That’s what that “Telegraph” word means, it is the source of the article.

  4. Spurs are NOT in talks … lol this is just more Marca and Madrid PR..the club are not in talks for bale he is not for sale…Real Madrid are so desperate, they’re about to loose CR7 as they cant meet his 40m euro wage demands according to the former real presidents interview on talksport.

    The fact that SkySports owns SkyBet should not be allowed, they push stories and manipulate a market then take peoples money.

    This is more accurate IMO

    1. So The Guardian, Carlo Ancelotti and talkSPORT are wrong? They’re all making up stories?

      And meanwhile Tottenham Hotspur have failed to say that the reports are untrue, and AVB says no comment when asked whether Real Madrid made an offer for Bale.

      1. Again, if its only a rumor (and they would know if it is or not) why would AVB or Spurs comment? Perhaps they don’t comment because they don’t have time to handle every sensationalist media report that comes across the wire.

        1. Time was not an issue, but by not answering the question, they heap the media speculation on the club.

      2. Yes, they have no source from spurs, if it isnt made up completely its the agent making noise, Spurs are in talks with bale for a new contract, those are the facts….sorry but the british media are being taken for a ride…just like all those claims last year about the “Disarray” the club was in as players rebel against AVB..ANTI Spurs Rubbish.

        As noted by other Spurs fans on other blogs, RM don’t have the £125m to buy Bale, they gave up, it was only after the unveiling of Isco and other young overpriced talent unveilings where the fans were chanting for Bale did all this kick up again, Bale will be playing for spurs next season, Perez is doing to RM fans what Wenger and Gazidis do to Farsenal fans.

        If I’m wrong? (not likely) we’ll take the £125m cash and move on its win win, there are 3 years left on his contract, no one has any credible sources in the rags, its all just bluster to get people betting on Skybet and a way of detracting from BT’s launch PR of which Bale is a huge part….

        As said by the poster Iver Biggen of theboyhotspur blog…Real Madrid will say we tried but its levy’s fault, we’ll go back in january…

        Anceloti also said “we are not looking expand the squad I am very happy with the squad I have” strangely that doesn’t get the headlines lol

        Oh yeah, By the way…We smashed our club transfer record to bring in the Spanish national sides no1 choice striker, without champions league! on top of Paulinho and Chadli…we are ambitious…this press cycle is about making money off of saps coupled with a bunch of Gooner journo’s upset Higuain chose Napoli and the goons kind of bid for Suarez LOL what is that about.

        If Bale does go at some point It’ll be Bayern instead of RM he can work with Pep.

        Real are dogs

        1. There are obviously issues between the Bale camp and Spurs otherwise the player would have signed a new contract earlier this summer.

          I think it’s high time that Tottenham comes out and issues a statement to set the record straight.

          1. There are obviously issues between Robin van Persie camp and ManU otherwise the player would have signed a new contract earlier this summer.

            I think its high time that Manchester United come out and issues a statement to set the record straight.

            After his record setting season RVP must want more money and sources say that Chelsea and Monaco are interested. So the fact that he hasn’t signed a new contract and the lack of signings by David Moyes MUST mean RVP is unhappy. I mean he hasn’t said anything but “sources” tell me hes very upset.

            See, its easy to make assumptions based on nothing.

            1. That’s completely different. There has been no speculation about RVP wanting to leave. And if there was, you can bet that United would quickly stamp that out.

              Why is the Tottenham Hotspur club so silent about the reported transfer bid for Bale? Do Tottenham fans honestly believe that Bale is 100% happy at Spurs, and doesn’t want to go to Real Madrid?

          2. Like the “Real issues” the media reported last year that were complete and utter rubbish that the club also didn’t speak out on?

            Real do NOT have the money for Bale’s £100m + fee and his wages and CR7 Wages, its just not possible, Santader Real’s regular bank roller is receiving payments form the EU FFS.

            they’ve spent 79 million NOT including wages, yes they got 36m for higuain in payments! not upfront. So they dont have it. levy wants cash and no payment plan, IF they can come up with £100m plus cash up front then maybe,maybe they will consider otherwise its not going to happen.

            Why would Levy accept it? Levy holds all the cards. An observation of the facts not rumor leads to that conclusion

      1. Exactly, if Bale were leaving or is gone then Soldado wouldn’t have signed and would have backed out of the deal so i think Bale stays so for once I’m agreeing with you.

  5. But that’s my point. Everything that has been said about Bale and a bid is “SPECULATION”.

    So why can’t we start to speculate about RVP?

    Again, I don’t believe Spurs will comment until a decision is made as until a decision is made it is all speculation. There is NO reason for them to come out and comment on these rumors. Do you really, honestly think, if Levy comes out tomorrow and says again (because he has said it before) that Bale is not for sale and no bid has been lodged that will end the speculation?

    1. In answer to your last question, yes. At least for a short period of time. If he came out and said that all of the stories are complete fabrication and that Gareth Bale says he wants to play for Spurs for one more season, then the press would give them a break. But by saying nothing, THFC are only compounding the issue.

      1. The only transfer story where players have actually displayed with body language or verbally any unrest at their clubs are Suarez and Rooney.

        Doesn’t Moyes have to sell Rooney if he is unhappy and requested a transfer.

        What about Suarez, dont those clubs HAVE to sell too?

        Or Dortmund has to sell Lewandowski right?

        Ant Spurs Drama, Man Utd fans want this as they are upset they have no shot at getting Bale or Cesc, They are hoping Real let Ronaldo leave after they will not be able to afford his reported 40 million a year wages demands. while apparently offering Bale only 10 m LOL

          1. maybe it has? maybe it hasn’t?

            if he had stayed he wouldn’t have been able to tap up Bale, perhaps we would have got champions league?

            Im not a fan of rat boy for bouncing, but he was a good player and missed last year….in-spite of our record points total.

          2. clearly though Modric hurt his own career with the move. He got paid which maybe was the goal but he didn’t become a better player and he’s on the bench

    1. Thanks for sharing Jason. Based on what AVB says, he admits that the club are in talks with Real Madrid and that he’s given the dreaded “we know that in football anything is possible” statement:

      “We are talking with Real Madrid because there is respect between the two clubs following the transfer last season of Luka Modric.

      “We are building a great team for next season. We envisage the future with Gareth. But we know that in football anything is possible.”

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