A Sneak Peek Inside NBC’s New HQ For Their EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]

Last week, the media were invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of NBC’s brand new studios in Stamford, Connecticut. The new home of NBC Sports will also be the home of the network’s coverage of the Premier League.

According to the Hartford Courant newspaper, some of the features of the new NBC Sports building in Stamford include:

1. A web of more than a thousand miles of broadcast and network cable ties,

2. The new facility has a giant newsroom, six on-air studios with control rooms, 50 graphics suites, more than 50 editing rooms, and 250 producers to man all that space. More than 500 employees work in the 300,000 square-foot facility now,

The photos below show the new studio that will be used for NHL coverage. Presumably the studio will also be used for Premier League coverage including all of the pre-show, half-time and post-match coverage, as well as the massive control room with banks of monitors, and more.

Read everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League.

Photo credits: Brian Dowling.

10 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek Inside NBC’s New HQ For Their EPL Coverage [PHOTOS]”

  1. feeling like a kid who knows this will be the best Christmas ever.

    Chris: Outstanding work of keeping everyone informed.

    1. Thank you. I watched a match last year between Chelsea and Man U (I think it was them not sure) and Chuck Johnson, who usually does play by play for NFL games,was calling it. Not the same. Glad to hear that a lot of games will be BBC guys. Even NBC’s guy Arlo Whtie is a former BBC announcer

  2. Chris – I’ve been critical of some articles lately so I want to make sure to comment on my appreciation for articles like this! Good stuff and why I keep coming back.

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